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A-Tune is an OS tuning software based on AI. spread retract

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Introduction to A-Tune

A-Tune is an OS tuning engine based on AI. A-Tune uses AI technologies to enable the OS to understand services, simplify IT system optimization, and maximize optimal application performance.

I. A-Tune Installation

Supported OS: openEuler 1.0 or later

Method 1 (applicable to common users): Use the default A-Tune of openEuler.

yum install -y atune

Method 2 (applicable to developers): Use the source code of the local repository for installation.

1. Install dependent system software packages.

yum install -y golang-bin python3 perf sysstat hwloc-gui

2. Install Python dependent packages.

yum install -y python3-dict2xml python3-flask-restful python3-pandas python3-scikit-optimize python3-xgboost


pip3 install dict2xml Flask-RESTful pandas scikit-optimize xgboost

3. Download the source code.

mkdir -p /home/gopath/src
cd /home/gopath/src
git clone atune

4. Compile.

cd atune
export GO111MODULE=off

5. Install.

make install

II. Quick Guide

1. Manage the atuned service.

Load and start the atuned service.

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start atuned

Check the atuned service status.

systemctl status atuned

2. Run the atune-adm command.

The list command.

This command is used to list the supported workload types, profiles, and the values of Active.


atune-adm list


atune-adm list

The analysis command.

This command is used to collect real-time statistics from the system to identify and automatically optimize workload types.


atune-adm analysis [OPTIONS] [APP_NAME]

Example 1: Use the default model for classification and identification.

atune-adm analysis

Example 2: Use the user-defined training model for recognition.

atune-adm analysis –model ./model/new-model.m

Example 3: Specify the current system application as MySQL, which is for reference only.

atune-adm analysis mysql

For details about other commands, see the atune-adm help information or A-Tune User Guide.

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