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TrackSoul是用于事件跟踪的开源项目,跨平台解决方案。 它支持网站,Web APP,IOS,Android甚至微信上的小程序。改善用户体验的唯一稳定方法是依靠用户行为数据。 无论是决定优化用户界面,营销,销售量,还是预测性分析。 收集数据并不难,要最大程度地提高数据使用效率是我们要关注的重点,我们希望提供从收集到分析的整体解决方案。 我们希望为该项目构建一个长期可维护的生态系统,以扩展用户行为的自由度。这个项目不单止提供收集数据的 Java... spread retract

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Readme - 中文

TrackSoul is an open-source, cross-platform solution for Event Tracking. It supports Website, Web APP, IOS, Android or even mini-program on WeChat. For more information on using TrackSoul, see the TrackSoul Website

Codeless Tracking Demo Site- JsFiddle (Remember to open console in order to see the effect)

Table of Contents


This is a user behavior Javascript SDK planned to support Website, Web APP, WeChat mini-program, and Native APP Both Android and IOS in the coming future.

The only stable method to improve your user experience for your audience is to rely on user behavior data. No matter deciding on enhancing user interface, marketing, make sales, and even predictive analytics.

Collecting data is not hard, to maximum the efficiency of the data usage is what we wanted to focus on, we wanted to provide a total solution from collecting to analysing.

We wanted to build a long-going maintainable ecosystem for this project to spread out for the freedom of user behavior.

Platform architecture

Codeless Usage demo screenshots

Requesting demo screenshot (IP address hidden)

Click event demo screenshot (IP address hidden)

Input event demo screenshot (IP address hidden)

Specific tracking Usage demo example

specific_tracking(Config.script_domain, Config.specific_tracking, 'http://localhost:3000/index.html', '/html[1]/body[1]/h1[3]', 'Test Specifc path');

SDK Config

Name Type Example Description
sdk_name string TrackSoul Our Javascript SDK name
data_endpoint string Set the endpoint where the tracking data send to
input_tracking boolean true Enable / Disable tracking input data
behaviour_tracking boolean true Enable / Disable tracking click data

Module bundler

I have chosen Roll.js and had fall in love ♥ with it Simple just install via npm and run the script below in your terminal / cmd

# installing rollup
npm install --global rollup
# compile to a <script> containing a self-executing function
rollup -c

SDK script usage

Point to an external/internal JavaScript file like below

    <!-- Link our Tracksoul dist javascript sdk like below --> 
    <script src="tracksoul-0.0.1.min.js"></script>


SDK Releases

Coming soon

Application analysis panel

Adding a tracking point

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