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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Doocs Open Source organization. The name is originated from ‘Docs’, which mainly shares various development-related knowledge in the form of documents.

See the 中文文档 for Chinese README.



Yang Libin, a backend development engineer.


Doocs now has the following projects:

# Project Description
1 advanced-java A learning roadmap of advanced knowledge for Java developers.
2 technical-books Awesome programming books list.
3 jvm A summary of the underlying principles of Java Virtual Machine.
4 leetcode LeetCode solutions in any programming language.
5 coding-interview A collection of interview questions for programmers. The main contents include ‘Coding Interviews: Questions, Analysis and Solutions’, ‘Beauty of Programming’, etc.
6 deep-learning Deep learning tutorial notes and code.
7 data-structure-and-algorithm Knowledge about data structures and algorithms.
8 awesome-python A collection of (mostly) technical things every pythoner should know.
9 md An online wechat markdown editor.

How to join

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

I believe many of you have a deep understanding that participating in open source projects is very helpful for personal growth. If you love open source or you are curious about it, join Doocs, work with us, maintain our projects and grow together. You can join us in the following two ways:

By default, your Doocs membership will be hidden from view aftering joining us. If you'd like to display the organization icon in your profile, you can switch from "Private" to "Public" here: We also recommend setting it to Public.

Note: At the beginning, you will not have direct 'write' permission for the project at this time, because we are not sure that your submission meets the project specifications.

However, you can fork any of the items of your interest to your personal GitHub account and make changes to the project. You can submit your PR once you have modified the code or document, and then the Doocs maintainer will review your submission. It's normal that your initial submission is not standardized, however, it would be improved after practice. When your submissions consistently meet the project standards, the Doocs maintainer will add you to the Collaborators list of corresponding projects to maintain them together with us.

You can refer to this article if you are a new open-source contributor.

Doocs is looking forward to your joining.


This organization exists thanks to all the people who contribute.




Nonprofit Cooperative


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