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DragonOS / DragonOS

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  DragonOS is an operating system running on the X86_64 Architecture. This project is currently under development!

All you want to know about DragonOS is here - DragonOS


How to run?

  The steps to run DragonOS are very simple. You can refer to the following information to run DragonOS within 15 minutes at the fastest!

DragonOS' Features

  See documentation:Features

How to join DragonOS ?

  If you are willing to join us, you can check the project panel of the GitHub repo, select the recently planned functions, and improve them.

  Or, you can also bring your ideas, discuss with community members, and create some new functions for DragonOS.

How to contact the community?

  You can send an email to the project's maintainer: longjin. His email address is [longjin@DragonOS.org](mailto: longjin@DragonOS.org) .

  Or join our development exchange QQ group: 115763565

  For the discussion of formal issues, we suggest that they be discussed in the forum BBS.Dragonos.org In the corresponding section of the, use formal language to post for discussion. Or ask questions under the issue of the warehouse.

  While posting, you can forward the post to the communication QQ group, which can make the communication of problems more efficient and facilitate the archiving of problems.

List of contributors

Contributors to DragonOS-Community/DragonOS · GitHub

Get contact with us

Community Contact Email: contact@DragonOS.org

Maintainer longjin's Email:longjin@DragonOS.org


  DragonOS is an open source public welfare project, but its development cannot be separated from the support of funds. If you want, you can visit ** Sponsor - DragonOS ** , so as to promote the development of this project. The list of all sponsors will be published. Every bit of your sponsorship will contribute to the development of DragonOS!

Where will the sponsorship funds be used?

We guarantee that all sponsorship funds and items will be used for:

  • Subsidies or equipment support for active community developers
  • Cloud service expenditure of DragonOS
  • Equipment purchase
  • Any use conducive to the development and construction of DragonOS

Sponsor List

Not yet

We hope that in the future, some enterprises can sponsor DragonOS and inject financial power into its development!

Individual Sponsor List

Open source statement

  This project adopts GPLv2 LICENSE for open source. You are welcome to use the code of this project on the basis of abiding by the open source license!

What we support: using this project to create greater value and contribute code to this project under the condition of abiding by the agreement.

What we condemn: any non-compliance with the open source license. Including but not limited to: plagiarizing the code of the project as your graduation project and other academic misconduct, as well as commercial closed source use without payment.

If you find any violation of the open source license, we welcome you to send email feedback! Let's build an honest open source community together!


  This project refers to the following materials. I sincerely give my thanks to the authors of these projects, books and documents!


DragonOS致力于成为完全独立自主的,面向服务器领域应用的类Unix操作系统。 注:该仓库仅为GitHub仓库的镜像,若要提交代码贡献,请转到Github仓库: https://github.com/fslongjin/DragonOS expand collapse

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