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使用 Go 编写的高性能可扩展的日志库 - A high-performance and extensible logging foundation for Go applications spread retract

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📝 logit

License Go Doc

logit is an easy-to-use, also level-based and config file first logger for GoLang applications.

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🥇 Features

  • Modularization design, easy to extend your logger with wrapper and handler
  • Level-based logging, and there are four levels to use
  • Config file supports, you can use a config file to change you logger flexibility even it has been a binary
  • Log Function supports, it is a better way to output a very long log
  • Enable or disable Logger, you can disable or switch to a higher level in your production environment
  • Log file supports, and you can customer the name of your log file
  • Duration rolling supports, which means it will roll to a new log file by duration automatically, such as one day one log file
  • File size rolling supports, which means it will roll to a new log file by file size automatically, such as one 64 MB one log file
  • Log handler supports, you can extend logger with your own log handler easily
  • High-performance supports, by avoiding to call runtime.Caller
  • Time format supports, you can format time in your way
  • Log as Json string supports, by using provided JsonLoggerHandler

Check and to know about more information.

v0.1.x and older versions will not be supported anymore, please update to v0.2.x as quickly as possible. You will get some brand-new user experiences and supports for a long time!

🚀 Installation

The only requirement is the Golang Programming Language.

Go modules

$ go get -u

Or edit your project's go.mod file and execute go build.

module your_project_name

go 1.14

require ( v0.2.4

Go path

$ go get -u

logit has no more external dependencies.

package main

import (

func main() {
	// Log messages with four levels.
	logit.Debug("I am a debug message!")
	logit.Info("I am an info message!")
	logit.Warn("I am a warn message!")
	logit.Error("I am an error message!")

	// Notice that logit has blocked some methods for more refreshing method list.
	// If you want to use some higher level methods, you should call logit.Me() to
	// get the fully functional logger, then call what you want to call.
	// For example, if you want to output log with file info, try this:
	logit.Info("Show file info!")

	// If you have a long log and it is made of many variables, try this:
	// The msg is the return value of msgGenerator.
	logit.DebugFunc(func() string {
		// Use time as the source of random number generator.
		r := rand.New(rand.NewSource(time.Now().Unix()))
		return "debug rand int: " + strconv.Itoa(r.Intn(100))

	// If a config file "logit.conf" in "./", then logit will load it automatically.
	// This is more convenience to use config file and logger.

📖 Examples

Check more examples in _examples.

Learn more about config file in _examples/config.

🔥 Benchmarks

$ go test -v ./_examples/benchmarks_test.go -bench=. -benchtime=10s

Benchmark file:_examples/benchmarks_test.go

test case times ran (large is better) ns/op (small is better) features extension
logit 6429907 1855 ns/op powerful high
golog 3361483 3589 ns/op easy common
zap 2971119 4066 ns/op complex normal
logrus 1553419 7869 ns/op normal normal

Environment:I7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.6 GHZ, 16 GB RAM


1. Fetching file info will call runtime.Caller, which is expensive. However, we think file info is useful in check errors, so we keep this feature, and provide a switch to turn off it for high-performance.

2. v0.0.7 and lower versions use some functions of fmt, and these functions is expensive because of reflect (for judging the parameter v interface{}). Actually, these judgements are redundant in a logger. The more effective output is used in v0.0.8 and higher versions.

3. After checking the benchmarks of v0.0.8 version, we found that time format takes a lots of time because of time.Time.AppendFormat. In v0.0.11 and higher versions, we use time cache mechanism to reduce the times of time format. However, is it worth to replace time format operation with concurrent competition? The answer is no, so we cancel this mechanism in v0.1.1-alpha and higher versions.

👥 Contributing

If you find that something is not working as expected please open an issue.

📦 Projects using logit

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