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HammerPDF / Smart-Scientific-Reader

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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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Hammer PDF - Smart Scientific Reader


This repository is a backup repository of Hammer PDF.
本仓库为 Hammer PDF 的备份仓库。

Hammer PDF, a brand new Smart Scientific Reader developed and supported by the DataHammer Research Group at the School of Computer Science, Beijing Institute of Technology, provides fast analysis of PDF documents and reliable academic information in real time. Look here to boost your research productivity!

Hammer PDF combines academic resources such as papers, authors, report videos, datasets, codes, and blogs into an organic whole by data association and knowledge mining, etc. It not only provides basic PDF reading features, but also supports natural language processing tasks such as information extraction and semantic analysis, greatly expanding the capabilities of traditional PDF readers, offering researchers the latest and reliable extended information, and significantly improving the productivity of academic research.

As the core component of the application, the academic features include information extraction, information extension, academic search, and academic dialog. Hammer PDF is designed to deliver a one-stop PDF reading experience by fusing data from multiple sources and modalities on the academic search engine Hammer Scholar. The following are key features.

  • Simple Interaction. With reasonable interaction, it supports smooth operation on screens of any size.
  • Seamless Use. Windows, MacOS and Linux supported. All functions can also be used in modern browsers.
  • Info Protection. Any private information about you will not sent to the server, only for scholar analysis.
  • Extract Scholar. Relying on machine learning, structure of PDF and scientific terms can be extracted.
  • Translation. Multilingual explanations in Chinese, English can be fetched anytime, anywhere.
  • Citation Network. Analyze the citation network of papers, look at scientific frontiers in the world.

Hammer PDF,一款由北京理工大学计算机学院 DataHammer 研究组开发维护的全新科技智能阅读器,能够快速分析 PDF 学术文献,实时提供可靠的学术信息。增进科研生产力就看这里!

Hammer PDF 将论文、作者、报告视频、数据集、代码、博客等学术资源通过数据关联和知识挖掘等手段组成一个有机整体,不仅提供基础的 PDF 阅读功能,还支持信息抽取、语义分析等自然语言处理任务,大大扩展传统 PDF 阅读器的功能,为研究人员提供最新可靠的扩展信息,显著提升学术研究的工作效率。

作为核心应用的学术功能主要包括信息抽取、信息扩展、学术搜索、学术对话等部分。通过融合学术搜索引擎 Hammer Scholar 上多来源、多模态的数据,Hammer PDF 提供一站式的 PDF 阅读体验。主要特性包括:

  • 简洁易用的交互:界面清爽美观,交互合理及时。在功能强大的同时,支持在任意尺寸的屏幕上顺畅操作。
  • 多设备无缝使用:支持 Windows、MacOS 以及 Linux。在主流浏览器上登入网站也可使用所有学术分析功能。
  • 注重信息保护:任何与您有关的隐私信息都不会发送到服务端。上传的文档仅用于学术分析,不会远程保存。
  • 精准识别学术信息:依托机器学习模型,将科技文献结构化,以提升文本挖掘、信息抽取和语义分析的效果。
  • 提供多语言互译:针对频繁出现但难以理解的专有实体,随时随地获取中文、英语等多语言释义。
  • 探索引用关系网络:剖析论文引用关系网络,纵观世界科研热点和前沿,带你发现隐藏其中的奥妙。


You can easily access Hammer PDF from the web version. Desktop version is also available, just check here.

你可以访问网页端桌面端,包括 Windows 和 macOS。


For macOS, if the app cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified, just allow the Open Anyway option in Security & Privacy.

对于 macOS,因无法验证开发者而无法打开应用时,只需允许安全性与隐私中的仍要打开选项即可。

System Requirements

  • Windows: Windows 10 or higher (64-bit)
  • macOS: macOS X or higher
  • Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 or higher, Debian 8 or higher


File an issue:


Thank you to all the members who participated in this project!

Wang Shengfu Liu Shuhang Lu Yifan Ji Wenjin Zhu Jie Zhao Guanqi Yang Shuxun Ke Qi

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