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Redisson: Redis based In-Memory Data Grid for Java.
State of the Art Redis client

Quick start | Documentation | Javadocs | Changelog | Code examples | FAQs | Report an issue | Redisson PRO

Based on high-performance async and lock-free Java Redis client and Netty framework.

Release Version
Release Date JDK Version
ProjectReactor version
3.7.5 19.07.2018 1.8, 1.9, 1.10+ Yes 3.1.x
2.12.5 19.07.2018 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, Android No 2.0.8


Used by

Siemens     BMW GROUP     AIG     S&P Global     SAP     EA     Adobe

Jeppesen     BROOKHAVEN     New Relic Synthetics     Netflix     Personal Capital

Singtel     Baidu     Infor     Crimson Hexagon     ContaAzul

Datorama    Ticketmaster    NAB    RCI

Alibaba    Flipkart    Invaluable    BBK

Success stories

Moving from Hazelcast to Redis / Datorama

Distributed Locking with Redis (Migration from Hazelcast) / ContaAzul

Migrating from Coherence to Redis / RCI

Quick start


<!-- JDK 1.8+ compatible -->

<!-- JDK 1.6+ compatible -->


// JDK 1.8+ compatible
compile 'org.redisson:redisson:3.7.5'  

// JDK 1.6+ compatible
compile 'org.redisson:redisson:2.12.5'


// 1. Create config object
Config = ...

// 2. Create Redisson instance
RedissonClient redisson = Redisson.create(config);

// 3. Get object you need
RMap<MyKey, MyValue> map = redisson.getMap("myMap");

RLock lock = redisson.getLock("myLock");

RExecutorService executor = redisson.getExecutorService("myExecutorService");

// over 30 different objects and services ...


Redisson 3.7.5, Redisson node 3.7.5

Redisson 2.12.5, Redisson node 2.12.5


Q: I saw a RedisTimeOutException, What does it mean? What shall I do? Can Redisson Team fix it?

Q: I saw a com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException during deserialization process, can you fix it?

Q: There were too many quotes appeared in the redis-cli console output, how do I fix it?

Q: When do I need to shut down a Redisson instance, at the end of each request or the end of the life of a thread?

Q: In MapCache/SetCache/SpringCache/JCache, I have set an expiry time to an entry, why is it still there when it should be disappeared?

Q: How can I perform Pipelining/Transaction through Redisson?

Q: Is Redisson thread safe? Can I share an instance of it between different threads?

Q: Can I use different encoder/decoders for different tasks?

Supported by

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