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桌面版脑图(百度脑图离线版,思维导图工具)开箱即用,跨平台支持 Windows/Linux/Mac OS spread retract

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桌面版脑图(DesktopNaotu) Join the chat at 加入桌面版脑图QQ群:330722928

Software introduction --> 中文介绍

The desktop version of Mind Mapping is a localized version of Baidu Mind Mapping, which helps you to use Mind Mapping Tool without Internet.

How to download

System corresponding to each version

Operating System Bit Corresponding File Size Support
MacOS 64 bit DesktopNaotu - macOS - x64 < 50M Supports all functions
Linux 64 bit DesktopNaotu-linux-x64 < 50M Supports all functions
Windows 7/10 64 bit DesktopNaotu-win32-x64 < 50M Supports all functions
Windows 7/10 32 bits DesktopNaotu-win32-ia32 < 50M Supports all functions
Windows XP 32 bits DesktopNaotu-Windows-mini < 8M Debugging is not supported

Functional characteristics

Software screenshots

  • Windows screenshot


  • Mac OS X screenshot


  • Linux screenshot


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Code released under the GPL-2.0 License.

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