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Project AZUSA / FreeMoteC#LGPL-3.0

Managed Emote tool libs.
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Managed Emote tool libs.



Basic functions. Decrypt or encrypt Emote PSB files.

FreeMote SDK

Special API libs for Emote engine, which take pure (unencrypted) PSB files as input.


Parse PSB format. Draw the Emote model (statically) without Emote engine.


Compile and decompile PSB files. Convert PSB among different platforms.

FreeMote.Purify (Unreleased)

Infer and calculate the key used by Emote PSB file just from the PSB file (rather than get from engine).

FreeMote.FreeLive (Unrealistic)

Emote <-> Live2D Conversion


EmoteConv (FreeMote.Tools.EmotePsbConverter)

Convert Emote PSB files. A managed version of emote_conv(by number201724).

PsbDecompile (FreeMote.Tools.PsbDecompile)

Decompile PSB files. A managed version of decompiler(by number201724).

PsBuild (FreeMote.Tools.PsBuild)

Compile PSB description json to PSB. A managed version of pcc(by number201724).

FreeMoteViewer (FreeMote.Tools.Viewer)

Open and render Emote pure PSB.

by Ulysses ( from Project AZUSA

FreeMote is licensed under LGPL.

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Support Us


  • @9chu for reverse engineering help.
  • @number201724 for PSB format.
  • @nalsas (awatm) for Emote Editor help.
  • @WcLyic (牧濑红莉栖) for some PSB samples and Emote Editor help.
  • MonoGame for DxtUtil code. LICENSE: Ms-PL
  • Singyuen Yip for Adler32 code.
  • @gdkchan for DxtCodec code.
  • @mfascia for TexturePacker code.
  • @morkt for ImageTLG code. LICENSE: MIT
  • All nuget references used in this project.

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