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Apache ShardingSphere(Incubator) 是一套开源的分布式数据库中间件解决方案组成的生态圈,它由Sharding-JDBC、Sharding-Proxy和Sharding-Sidecar(规划中)这3款相互独立,却又能够混合部署配合使用的产品组成。它们均提供标准化的数据分片、分布式事务和数据库治理功能,可适用于如Java同构、异构语言、容器、云原生等各种多样化的应用场景。 spread retract

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terrymanu authored 2018-11-12 15:34 . update Code of Conduct

Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct

Development Concept

  • Write codes with heart. Pursue clean, simplified and extremely elegant codes. Agree with concepts in <Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code> and <Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship>.
  • Be familiar with codes already had, to keep consistent with the style and use.
  • Highly reusable, no duplicated codes or configurations.
  • Delete codes out of use in time.

Contributor Covenant Submitting of Conduct

  • Make sure all the test cases are passed, Make sure mvn clean install can be compiled and tested successfully.
  • Make sure the test coverage rate is not lower than the dev branch.
  • Make sure to check codes with Checkstyle. codes that violate check rules should have special reasons. Find checkstyle template from sharding-sphere/src/resources/sharding_checks.xml, please use checkstyle 8.8 to run the rules.

Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct

  • Use linux line separators.
  • Keep indents (including blank lines) consistent with the previous one.
  • Keep one blank line after class definition.
  • No meaningless blank lines.
  • Use meaningful class, method and variable names, avoid to use abbreviate.
  • Return values are named with result; Variables in the loop structure are named with each; Replace each with entry in map.
  • Exceptions when catch are named with ex; Exceptions when catch but do nothing are named with ignored.
  • Name property files with camel-case and lowercase first letters.
  • Have constants on the left and variable on the right in = and equals conditional expressions; Have variable on the left and constants on the right in greater than and less than conditional expressions.
  • Use LinkedList in priority. Use ArrayList for use index to get element only.
  • Use capacity based Collection such as ArrayList, HashMap must indicate initial capacity to avoid recalculate capacity.
  • Design class as final class expect abstract class for extend.
  • Make nested loop structures a new method.
  • Use guard clauses in priority.
  • Minimize the access permission for classes and methods.
  • Private method should be just next to the method in which it is used; writing private methods should be in the same as the appearance order of private methods.
  • No null parameters or return values.
  • Split codes that need to add notes with it into small methods, which are explained with method names.
  • Replace constructors, getters, setter methods and log variable with lombok in priority.
  • Use English in all the logs and javadoc.
  • Include Javadoc, todo and fixme only in the comments.
  • Only public classes and methods need javadoc, other methods, classes and override methods do not need javadoc.

Contributor Covenant Unit Test of Conduct

  • Test codes and production codes should follow the same kind of code of conduct.
  • Without particular reasons, test cases should be fully covered.
  • Environment preparation codes should be separate from test codes.
  • Only those that relate to junit Assert, hamcrest CoreMatchers and Mockito can use static import.
  • For single parameter asserts, assertTrue, assertFalse, assertNull and assertNotNull should be used.
  • For multiple parameter asserts, assertThat should be used.
  • For accurate asserts, try not to use not, containsString to make assertions.
  • Actual values of test cases should be named actualXXX, expected values expectedXXX.
  • Class for test case and @Test annotation do not need javadoc.

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