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Sharding-Sphere - Distributed Database Middleware Ecosphere

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Sharding-Sphere is an open source distributed database middleware solution suite, which consists of Sharding-JDBC, Sharding-Proxy and Sharding-Sidecar(planning). These three sub-projects are suitable for various scenarios and provide consistent functions including data sharding, distributed transaction and database orchestration.

As a Relational Database Middleware, rather than implementing a new database, Sharding-Sphere is aimed at making the most of original capacities of database (like compute and storage) and making it simpler and more efficient on distribute environment. It can cooperate with NoSQL and NewSQL, which keep staying in the cutting edge of technology and recommendable. Meanwhile, Sharding-Sphere focuses on technologies remaining stable and changeless so as to grasp the intrinsic quality. Relational Database is still the cornerstone of core business in enterprises and possesses huge market share. It is difficult to estimate trendy in future and now we focus on how to enhance the capacity of Sharding-Sphere with Relational Database.

Sharding-Sphere Scope


Maven Status

Sharding-JDBC is positioned as a lightweight Java framework that provides Sharding service in the JDBC layer. It directly connects to databases to provide services in the form of jar, with no additional deployment and dependencies, and it can be understood as an enhanced version of the JDBC driver, fully compliant with JDBC and various ORM frameworks.

  • It is compliant with any Java-based ORM framework, such as JPA, Hibernate, Mybatis and Spring JDBC Template; or you can use JDBC directly.
  • It is suitable for connection-pool based on any third party, such as DBCP, C3P0, BoneCP, Druid, HikariCP and so on.
  • It supports databases implementing JDBC specification. Supporting MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer and PostgreSQL right now.

Sharding-JDBC Architecture


Download Docker Pulls

Sharding-Proxy is positioned as a transparent database proxy, providing a database server that encapsulates database binary protocol to support heterogeneous languages. At present, we provide Sharding-Proxy for MySQL, and you can use any clients compatible with MySQL protocol (such as MySQL Command Client, MySQL Workbench, etc.) to manipulate data.

  • It is transparent to application, which can be used as MySQL.
  • It is suitable for any clients compatible with MySQL protocol.

Sharding-Proxy Architecture


It is positioned as cloud native database agent of Kubernetes or Mesos environment, in charge of all database access in the form of DaemonSet. Through a centre-less and zero-cost solution, it provides mesh layer interacting with database. We call it Database Mesh.

Database Mesh emphasizes how to connect distributed data-access-layer with databases. It pays more attention to interaction, which means the messy interaction between applications and databases will be effectively orchestrated. By using Database Mesh, applications and databases will form a large grid system, where they just need to be put into the right position accordingly. They are all governed by mesh layer.

Sharding-Sidecar Architecture

Sharding-JDBC Sharding-Proxy Sharding-Sidecar
Database Any MySQL MySQL
Connections Cost More Less More
Heterogeneous Language Java Only Any Any
Performance Low loss High loss Low loss
Centre-less Yes No No
Static Entry No Yes No


Data Sharding

  • Both databases and tables sharding
  • Read-write splitting
  • Distributed primary key

Distributed Transaction (Doing)

  • XA transaction
  • BASE transaction

Database Orchestration

  • Configuration center
  • Circuit breaker & disable
  • Open tracing
  • Data replica (Planing)
  • Elastic scaling (Planing)



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