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TKkk / WeChatPlugin-MacOSObjective-CMIT

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一款功能强大的 macOS 版微信小助手 v1.7 / A powerful assistant for wechat macOS spread retract

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WeChatPlugin-macOS v1.7

English | 中文

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Other plugin:
[ wechat-alfred-workflowQQPlugin-macOSWeChatPlugin-iOS ]


  • Message auto reply
  • Prevent message recall
  • Remote control(support voice control)
  • Multiple WeChat
  • Auto Auth Login
  • Session Sticky Bottom
  • Windows Sticky Top
  • Session multiple delete
  • Auto Login Switch
  • Quick reply to notifications
  • Copy or Export Sticker
  • Update plugin
  • Reply or Open session by Alfred (dependency:wechat-alfred-workflow)
  • Make all session As Read
  • Clear all empty session
  • Remove url redirect

Remote Control:

  • Save Screen
  • Empty Trash
  • Lock Screen & Sleep & Shut Down & Restart
  • Quit some app, include QQ、WeChat、Chrome、Safari。
  • NeteaseMusic(play、pause、next song、previous song、like song、unlike song)
  • Assistant(get all directive、prevent recall switch、auto reply switch、auto auth switch)

If you want to control NeteaseMusic, please allow WeChat Control in "System Preferences-Security & Privacy-Privacy-Accessibility"


1. If you have installed Git

open /Applications/Utilities/,run command

cd ~/Downloads && rm -rf WeChatPlugin-MacOS && git clone --depth=1 && ./WeChatPlugin-MacOS/Other/, and enter the mac password.

2. Normal install

  • click clone or download button to download project and unzip it,open,Drag the file(in Other Folder) to Terminal.


open /Applications/Utilities/,Drag the file(in Other Folder) to Terminal.


A few examples of how to use WeChatPlugin-macOS.

  • Prevent message recall
    Prevent message recall

  • Message auto reply Message auto reply

  • Auto Login & Multiple WeChat Auto Auth & Multiple WeChat

  • Remote control (quit Chrome and Save Screen) remote_control.gif

  • Session multiple delete & session sticky bottom & delete empty session wechat assistant.png

  • Quick reply to notifications & make all as Read
    wechat assistant.png

  • Copy or export sticker

  • Reply or Open session by Alfred wechat-alfred-workflow


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