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基于 Vue2 简洁易用,可批量、拖拽的文件上传插件 spread retract

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基于 Vue2 简洁易用,可批量、拖拽的文件上传插件



Vue plugin series

Plugin Status Description
v-page npm version A simple pagination bar, including length Menu, i18n support
v-dialogs npm version A simple and powerful dialog, including Modal, Alert, Mask and Toast modes
v-tablegrid npm version A simpler to use and practical datatable
v-uploader npm version A Vue2 plugin to make files upload simple and easier,
you can drag files or select file in dialog to upload
v-ztree npm version A simple tree for Vue2, support single or multiple(check) select tree,
and support server side data
v-gallery npm version A Vue2 plugin make browsing images in gallery
v-region npm version A simple region selector, provide Chinese administrative division data
v-selectpage npm version A powerful selector for Vue2, list or table view of pagination,
use tags for multiple selection, i18n and server side resources supports
v-suggest npm version A Vue2 plugin for input suggestions by autocomplete
v-playback npm version A Vue2 plugin to make video play easier
v-selectmenu npm version A simple, easier and highly customized menu solution







npm i v-uploader --save

在项目入口 main.js 文件中进行引用

import Vue from 'vue'
import vUploader from 'v-uploader';

 * v-uploader plugin global config
const uploaderConfig = () => {
    return {
        uploadFileUrl: 'http://xxx/upload',
        deleteFileUrl: 'http://xxx/delete',
        showMessage: (vue, message) => {
            //using v-dialogs to show message
            vue.$vDialog.alert(message, null, {messageType: 'error'});

//install plugin with params
Vue.use(vUploader, uploaderConfig);

There is using v-dialogs to show message in example

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