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What is WeIdentity?

WeIdentity is a blockchain solution on Open Consortium Chain to serve as a hub for identity authentication by establishing identity of entities (e.g. persons or objects) on the chain and allowing the interchange of such information among organizations when authorized. WeIdentity is an open source platform built by WeBank and promotes the values of Open Consortium Chain: streamline resources, collaborate to produce values and serve the public.


WeIdentity includes two major modules: WeIdentity DID and WeIdentity Credential.

Decentralized Identifiers (WeIdentity DID)

Traditionally, user identity is issued and managed by single centralized organization. With the advent of blockchain technology, it is possible to publish and distribute user identity on chain to allow more than one organization to manage on as a multi-centers solution WeIdentity DID Module has come with a distributed identification protocol based on FISCO-BCOS Blockchain Platform, and W3C DID specification, to create identities on chain and associate it with any person or object in the real world. Moreover, DID ensures the Subject’s owner with full rights of control and ownership of the identities.

The design goals of WeIdentity DID:

Objective Description
Distributed Distributed ID registration model removes the dependencies on traditional single, centralized registration organization.
Open Sourced The solution is fully open sourced and publicly available.
Privacy The actual content of identity or credential are stored off-chain to maintain minimal information on the chain. Such can prevent any 3rd party from speculating the actual identity in real-world using the information on the chain.
Portability Data on WeIdentity can be ported into mainstream blockchain platforms or those which are compliant with WeIdentitie’s specification.
Interoperability Provides standard interfaces to support cross chains or cross platforms interoperation.
Extensibility The data model can be extended for different business scenarios while maintaining its operability, portability and simplicity.

WeIdentity Credential

There are a lot of credentials describing identity in daily life such as personal identity card, driving license, account book, prescription, graduate certificate, property ownership certificate and credit report. WeIdentity Credential offers a complete set of W3C Verifiable Credentials based solutions designated to standardize and digitize such credentials into a verifiable and interchangeable format. The solution also supports Selectively Disclosure of Credential attributes and generating evidence of Credentials on blockchain.

WeIdentity encourages certificate organization to issue their own standardized credential templates to enrich the ecosystem on open consortium chain.


Current Status

WeIdentity is running on top of FISCO-BCOS with JAVA SDK provided for developers, please review the Installation & Deployment guide and SDK user guide listed below:

Integration Method Documentation Status

Diving in

Now, please feel free to dive in via this page for a one-stop experience of WeIdentity.


You can find all our contributors in this page . Thanks for everything these guys have done for WeIdentity!

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基于区块链实现的符合W3C DID和Verifiable Credential规范的分布式身份解决方案。 expand collapse
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