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This repository does not contain any third-party libraries or source code for the kxver module. The kxver module is primarily used for version control, particularly for features related to the ultimate version such as data encryption. It is the team's sole source of funding and an important guarantee for the health maintenance and upgrade of the product.Until the funding source is resolved, there are no plans to open the source code for this module.

WoTerm - Another Remote Access Assistant

Cross platform / small memory / multi-protocol / multi-function / cloud sync

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Cross platform remote access management tool, out of the box, no configuration, safe and stable.

Functions description

  • Support Windows / Linux / MacOSX / Android.

  • Support mainstream communication protocols, including SSH1 / SSH2 / SFTP / RLOGIN / TELNET / SERIALlPORT / VNC / RDP etc.

  • Built in multiple sets of skins for you to choose from, while retaining scalability, allowing friends with strong hands-on abilities to do whatever they want.

  • Support administrator mode, which can view session passwords and prevent others from stealing.

  • The cloud synchronization protocol built based on standard SFTP allows you to freely create cloud warehouses and provides 8 high-strength encryption algorithms, ensuring data security at your fingertips. Unlimited backup history and differential merging, addition, deletion, and replacement of records can meet different office environments.

  • The SSH terminal is embedded with an SFTP assistant, which is convenient for collaborative operation and also supports SFTP independent tabs, making it more convenient to operate with more functions.

  • Floating tab design makes it more convenient for collaborative work between multiple windows.

  • Infinite window segmentation, as long as the screen is large enough, you can segment it as you want.

  • Provide session grouping and list management, multiple key word search filters, and even with multiple records, it can quickly locate.

  • There are dozens of terminal colors, and there is always a favorite one

  • Support VNC remote desktop access function, advanced functions need to be supported with WoVNCServer.

    • Support the standard RFB 3.3/3.7/3.8 protocol.
    • Support the standard encodings such as ZRLE / TRLE / Hextile / CopyRect / RRE / Raw.
    • Support self extend encodings such as H264 / JPEG / ZRLE3 / TRLE3 / ZRLE2 / TRLE2.
    • support automatic screen lock when the network is disconnected or remote operation is ended to prevent accidental loss caused by manipulation by others.
    • Support remote black screen mode to prevent the work process from being watched.
    • Support sound playback of remote desktop.
    • Support the free switching of lossless image quality, high-definition image quality, ordinary image quality, classic 16 bit, 15 bit, 8-bit and other image formats.
    • Support multi screen mode and switching modes such as stretching, shared screen and split screen.
  • Support remote terminal access function.

    • Support remote Windows/Linux/MacOSX system terminal access.
    • Support Proxy jump access.
    • Support certificate management, including creation, import, export, deletion, etc.
    • Shortcut key configuration is supported.
    • Support ZModem file upload and download.
    • Support embedded SFTP collaborative interaction.
    • Support a variety of terminal color matching for your choice.

Module description

The client code has been completely open source(except for the kxver version control module), and the third-party code which comes from GitHub or CodeProject or other open communities. Some modules come from WoVNC.


WoVNCServer is recommended, The server enables more advanced features.

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Binary download:


UI preview:

Main UI
SSH key manage
Serial port
Multiple skins
Merge and seperate
Cloud sync
Keyword filter
File transfer
Tab float
window split
terminal theme
VNC terminal


WoTerm是一个强大牛B的开源终端 expand collapse
C++ and 6 more languages


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