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Avino plan is for small projects which need some easy-to-use common services! Let small projects have a chance to be service-oriented, and their developers have a chance to focus on real services.

We are not creatig some huge services for supporting millions of requests, but some simple and useable common services.

Some companies' projects don't have much business, but some common features make the projects so huge. If some features are extracted to independent services, then they will have lower maintenance cost. However, small projects can't do this because of members, cost or time. More importantly, these services only need some based features, and don't need a high performance. All they need is to be easy-to-use and less maintenance cost.

Avino plan is for this small projects! We provide some common based services, including file, email, laod balance, log collection and automatical cache. All services is as easily as possible, and have two ways to install, one is binary and the other one is docker.


[fishgoddess] Something extra. Remember my first-working company when I am a sophomore has less than 100 members, and one member will do all kinds of developing tasks. In this situation, can this company see tomorrow's sun is a problem, so they don't have enough energy to handle the code and architecture, and they need some easy-to-use common services. Actually, there are many IT company like my first-working company. At first, they develop a monomer application, and the quality of code is bad. You know, this is not a fault because of money, and there is no need to design a huge microservice architecture at first. However, some common features is used by many companies, which can be extracted to some independent services. For example, you need an email feature, and extract it to an email service with http interface, then you can extend it easily by nginx.

I have to emphasize again, all projects in this plan are not for supporting millions of requests (If you have a project supporting millions of requests, your project has already had own common services), but for some small projects that need some common features in a short time. Suppose you are about to create a project with file and email features, then you can use services in this plan. Just installing them and you can integrate them into your project even without one more code about file and email.

These services are also my using services in personal server, and you?

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