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阿债 / rdmysqlMIT

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A simple db layer base on ultra-mysql spread retract

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rdmysql: a simple db layer based on ultra-mysql


pip install [--no-deps] rdmysql

It required umysql. If you use pypy, use instand of it.


from datetime import datetime
from rdmysql import Database, Table, Row, Expr, And, Or
import settings


class UserProfile(Table):
    __dbkey__ = 'user'
    __tablename__ = 't_user_profiles'
    __indexes__ = ['username']

query = UserProfile().filter_by(username = 'ryan')
ryan = = Row)
if ryan:
    print ryan.to_dict()
    now =
    today = now.strftime('%Y%m%d')
    changed_at = now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
    ryan.change('nickname', 'Ryan-%s' % today)
    ryan.change('changed_at', changed_at)
    print query.db.sqls

Methods of Table

There are some methods for class named 'Table':

insert      param *rows
            param **kwargs

delete      param **where

update      param changes : dict
            param **where

save        param changes : dict / object
            param indexes : list (optional default=[])

filter      param expr : Expr / str
            param *args

filter_by   param **where

order_by    param field     : str
            param direction : 'ASC' / 'DESC' (optional default='ASC')

group_by    param field : str

all         param coulmns : str (optional default='*')
            param limit   : int (optional default=0)
            param offset  : int (optional default=0)

one         param coulmns : str   (optional default='*')
            param model   : class (optional default=dict)

apply       param name : str
            param *args
            param **kwargs

count,sum,max,min,avg       param *args
                            param **kwargs

Methods of Monthly

Monthly is a subclass of Table, There are other two methods for Monthly:

backward    param monthes : int (optional default=1)

forward     param monthes : int (optional default=1)

set_date    param curr_date : date

migrate     param prev_date : date (When curr_has_suffix is False)

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