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bytesoft / ByteJTAJavaLGPL-3.0

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ByteJTA Transaction Manager旨在提供一个常规的基于XA两阶段提交的分布式事务管理器。 spread retract

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ByteJTA is an implementation of Distributed Transaction Manager, based on the XA/2PC mechanism.

ByteJTA is comptible with JTA and could be seamlessly integrated with Spring and other Java containers.

1. Quick Start

1.1 Add maven depenency

1.1.1. Spring Cloud
1.1.2. dubbo

2. Documentation & Samples

3. Features

  • support declarative transaction management
  • support distributed transaction scenarios. e.g. multi-datasource, cross-applications and cross-servers transaction
  • support Dubbo framework
  • support Spring Cloud

4. Contact Me

If you have any questions or comments regarding this project, please feel free to contact me at:

  1. send mail to OR
  2. add Tecent QQ group 537445956/606453172

We will review all the suggestions and implement good ones in future release.

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