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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
Large campus social app developed with flutter 由flutter开发的大型校园社交app spread retract

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China's first enterprise uses a large-scale campus social app developed by pure flutter technology stack. This is an APP for college students. It is a platform for making entertainment, learning and socializing. It has 20,000 loyalty during the beta period. user. The current 1.2 version is available in the Android Store and Apple Store.

Programming language

Dart The basic language developed by flutter
Python Complete APP server development
Object-C Write some native plugins such as push, payment, etc.
Java Write some native plugins such as push, payment, etc.

Main technical architecture

flutter Advantages: R&D rate is even higher than WAP and react native defects: higher requirements for full-stack engineers, a little understanding of native, and good web development experience.
django Advantages: There is a set of authority authentication, xadmin's visual management background, high scalability, can be customized according to the source code to expand the components, develop high-efficiency disadvantages: there are few high-quality python engineers on the market, the technical level is not easy to write difficult to maintain code .
djangorestframworkAdvantages: It is used to develop mobile server, efficient and rapid, add, delete and change four interfaces. Simple business logic can be completed by one-minute inheritance. Disadvantages: Microservices are not supported, and io efficiency is slightly lower than the spring series.
djangorestframwork-finer Based on djangorestfranmwork, our team has written a serializer for the data business layer of leancloud, as well as a set of frameworks for the reinforcement and high reading of the model layer. As the further development framework is gradually improved, it will also be open source.
leancloud Complete data storage, timely communication and hosting of distributed services, and push.
beecloud Integrated Alipay payment, WeChat payment, this open source contains the integrated plugin we have compiled.
bugly Enable bugly to complete the Android side hot update.
mobshareUsing a third-party mobshare integration sharing feature, this open source contains the integrated plugin we have written.

APP video display


APP download link

Android download address

Ios download address

云智校APP Official website

flutter Coding architecture

|--apps Data layer and view layer of each business app, using componentized front-end engineering ideas, using mvvm design pattern
    |--models State management model for a single app
|--beans Model converted after placing a network request
|--commons Generally put into the toolset
|--extra_apps Put in a third-party package, modify the source code and put it here.
|--models Global data state management model
|--icons Give up the icons that flutter comes with, not simple enough
|--state Put some states that need to be globally common
|--style Take the basic style of the app and put it here.

Flutter's main third-party library

third-party library use
image_picker_saver: ^0.1.0 Image acquisition, video acquisition
flutter_webview_plugin: ^0.3.0+2 webview plugin
chewie: 0.8.0 Video style plugin
async: ^2.0.8 flutter asynchronous
flutter_easyrefresh: ^1.0.7 Pull-up refresh, pull-down refresh
cached_network_image: ^0.5.0 Image cache
url_launcher: 4.0.3 Support network, phone, SMS and email programs, as well as open other apps
multi_image_picker: ^2.4.11 Select multiple images
amap_location: Positioning
dio: 1.0.13 Network request library
fluttertoast: Native toast
shared_preferences: ^0.4.3 Get a memory card
path: ^1.6.2: Get storage address
simple_permissions Rights management, it is recommended to write a set of native rights management, this plugin has a vulnerability
camera: 0.2.9+1 camera
scoped_model: Mvvm state management
progress_indicators: ^0.1.2 Refresh style
path_provider: Get file location
audio_recorder: recording
flutter_slidable: Slide delete animation
audioplayer: Play audio
video_player: 0.7.2: Play video

Stepping on the pit

        The flutter architecture can meet our basic needs, and the development efficiency is rapid. The problems in the compilation environment during the development process are endless. The Android side faces the problem of incompatibility of the plug-in version. Finally, the solution we adopted is to upgrade to androidx. And the ios compilation problem is the same, take the migrate swift to the unified version. Other big and small problems, google also has a solution, in general, there is no problem that has been plagued for a long time, using flutter development, let us complete the project of 6-9 months of our original development in 3 months (even We also completed the test and tuning for the extra time).
        In addition, many filled pits, because we did not make more records during the construction period, if you are interested in flutter, python, go development, you can join our group, communicate together, grow together, and make an advertisement, along with our company. Gradually expanding, it is expected that a batch of flutter developers will be recruited from July to September of the year. The members of the company are generally technical entrepreneurs of the post-90s colleges and universities, and they have the interest of cooperation to pay attention to us for a long time.

Products to be released in version 2.0 in June

1.Real-name instant messaging system
2.Anonymous matching dating system
3.Relying on big data and intelligent crawling knowledge resources and learning circles shared by high-quality high-quality students nationwide


The idea: use technology to subvert civilization and use technology to change the world.
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