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Choerodon猪齿鱼开源多云集成平台,基于开源技术Kubernetes,Istio,knative,Gitlab和Spring Cloud来实现本地和云端环境的集成,实现企业多云/混合云应用环境的一致性。平台通过提供精益敏捷、持续交付、容器环境、微服务、DevOps等能力来帮助组织团队来完成软件的生命周期管理,从而更快、更频繁地交付更稳定的软件。 spread retract

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arone.zhang authored 2018-06-08 17:35 . Update


The ROADMAP is a list of product development plans that the core development team anticipates of Choerodon. It details the future's direction of Choerodon, but may change over time. We hope that you can learn about our plans and Vision through ROADMAP, if you have any better ideas, welcome to ISSUE.

Platform foundation

  • Personal work center
  • Dashboard Center
  • Architectures that support the cross management of Project.
  • UI controls
  • UI experience optimization

Scrum management

  • Backlog Workbench
  • Issue Workbench
  • User story management
    • User story
    • User story map
  • Scrum sprint management
    • Sprint chart analysis
    • Kanban Management
    • Multi-person sharing mode
    • Sprint task
      • Task comment
  • ScrumBoard enhancement
    • Cross-functional Flowchart show
    • Workday management
  • Work log record development process
  • Automatically generate change log
  • Analysis report
  • Kanban management

Development pipeline

  • Custom CI pipeline
  • Issue and Continuous Integration Integration
  • CI pipeline visualization
  • Static code inspection

Deployment pipeline

  • Definable deployment pipeline
  • Automatic release
  • Automatic grayscale release
  • Canary released

Microservice development

  • Microservice development platform support, simplify service development, operation, deployment
  • Add service mesh support, such as Conduit
  • Service Gateway Performance Optimization
  • Microservice management
    • Dependency
    • Online management
    • Log query
  • Service governance
    • Flow control
    • Fuse management

Test management

  • Test plan management
  • Test case management
  • Testing report
  • Acceptance test: Automatically execute an api and interface based acceptance script in the deployment environment
  • Support contract testing
  • Stress test service

Operation management

  • Report Analysis
  • DevOps Portal
  • Service monitoring
  • Monitoring data display
  • Alarm Management
  • View the microservice call chain
  • View the API call
  • View the container log
  • View the instance log

Knowledge management

  • Wiki Management
  • Design Online Management
  • Associated with the task

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