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chriszheng / dotEmacs

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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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Chris Zheng authored 2020-02-09 15:01 . Update.

About my dotEmacs

Starting from 2012, I grabbed code snippets from the web and organized them into my dotEmacs. Specifically, my dotEmacs has the following features

  • No fancy advanced kit.
  • Obey Emacs default settings. Retain default Emacs keybindings. No Evil.
  • From vanilla Emacs, for vanilla Emacs, but with improvements for users of MS-Windows and Chinese language.

Thus the dotEmacs is mostly for educational purposes and personal use. Please note that I included the packages in elpa directory. They are managed by Emacs (M-x list-packages). Apart from that, the code is organized by me. Specifically,

  • init.el: The default startup file. It includes customization added by Emacs (M-x customize). It also loads the following files.
  • .init/.my-key-bindings.el: My key bindings. Load early because if an error occurs I have my key bindings.
  • .init/common-win.el: Windows-specific settings.
  • .init/common-settings.el: Some settings cannot be in init.el.
  • .init/.kmacros.el: Some keyboard macros. Magic.
  • .init/some-functions.el: Some handy functions.
  • .init/auto-complete-settings.el: For Auto-complete. Oh, I still use auto-complete!
  • .init/for-C-language.el: For C/C++ language. Deprecated.
  • .init/font-settings.el: For fonts settings. Magic.

In local-mode some utilities are present. They are written by me and semifinished. Specifically,

  • SHELX-mode.el: A mode for edit SHELX (http://shelx.uni-goettingen.de/) files.
  • astyle-utils.el: Use astyle in Emacs.
  • hexo-utils.el: Use Hexo more efficiently.
  • emoji.el: Emoji input method. Not working.
  • bc-mode.el: Use GNU bc in Emacs.

Please see https://chriszheng.science/2015/04/01/Git-my-dotEmacs-files/ (or https://chriszheng.gitee.io/2015/04/01/Git-my-dotEmacs-files/) for Chinese version of the introduction. Please leave comments on my blog, not here.



The license is GPLv3 for code written by me.

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