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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
angular-base是一个以angular5.x为基础,面向未来的项目。 整合jQuary、bootStrap等前端常用技术, 集成阿里,饿了么团队,谷歌等开箱即用的开源组件库, 同时支持手机、pc进行多种格式和多种协议视频播放功能。 使前端完全组件化,模块化。 终极目的是让项目开发像搭积木一样,需要什么先找“积木”,如果没有则自己造一个“积木”,然后可以一直复用。 方便快速开发。 spread retract

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angular-base is an angular5.0-based seed project for enterprise-level rapid development.

Please be informed that this is a project intended for enterprise-level rapid development, meaning that it may not an appropriate project for green hands.

Project is maintained in repositories:


There's an old saying in China: Wise men are also normal men, but the ones who are good at utilizing tools.

Utiling tools out-of-the-box will save you both the time and the money. So, be a wise man using our project <_<.



Design of this project is on base of ANT DESIGN provided by Alibaba. For more details, please refer to ANT DESIGN.

Note: Ant Design Library:

Note: Ant-Design-related resources and tools:

Javascript libs/frames/etc. integrated

Note: How to employ third-party javascript libs in Angular2?

UI libs integrated

Note: How to integrate NG-ZORRO?

Note: How to integrate element?

Development environment

  • nodejs 8.4.0

  • npm 5.3.0

  • angular/cli: 1.5

  • TypeScript 2.4.2

Quick start

Change npm repository mirror (optional):

In case of bad network for Chinese developers, try the command below and first, and retry the above command.

npm i -g cnpm --registry=

Note: Please be informed that this is an optional step instead of a must step ^_^.

Install angular-cli:

npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

Note: How to install angular-cli?

Install project dependencies

npm install

Open project for local development

Type the following command and your default browser will be opened automatically with "http://localhost:4000" being visited.

npm run start

Note: angular开发常见错误


Type the following command, and built files will be deployed to dist folder in project root.

npm run build

Browser compatibility

Modern browsers and IE9+ (polyfills required)

Note: About polyfills


More info.

For more documents, please refer to files under folder: src/assets/doc.

Welcome to join us in QQ group: 317896269.

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