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jc-debug README

This is a vscode debugger extension for javacard virtual machine for java language(for javacard),support .msk file and .cap file(cap file should have debug component)


  • auto load workspace directory files debug information
  • support debug continue, step over, step into, step out
  • display class fields and local variables
  • support start jcvm from extern
  • support dump loaded debug info to file when start debug


  • visual studio code environment

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:

  • workdirectory: opened directory,use default value ${cwd}
  • jcvmip: optional debugger ip and port, default
  • logfile: optional para to set print of log information, "stdout"/file path
  • jcrepath: optional para to specify the masked file
  • jcvmpath: path to extern jcvm to debug, optional
  • jcvmpara: extern jcvm debug parameters, optional
  • debuginfo: file path, once specified, dump the loaded debuginfo to the file, optional

Use Guides

  • install visual studio code
  • open extension panel,click more button, install from VSIX
  • select the extension VSIX file
  • restart visual studio code
  • open your java card project directory or jcre directory
  • select debug menu, open configuragion, then select Jcvm Debug configuration
  • ok, save the auto generated launch.json file
  • launch your jcvm.exe, or specify the jcvmpath in launch.json file
  • if debug cap file, then load your cap into the jcvm.exe
  • press F5 to debug your code

Known Issues

Calling out known issues can help limit users opening duplicate issues against your extension.



Enjoy! #jcdebugVSCode javacard vm debug in vscode, vscode debug extension

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