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TLog is a lightweight distributed log tagging tracker, accessible in 10 minutes, automatically tags logs to complete microservice link tracking. Support log4j, log4j2, logback three logging framework, support dubbo, dubbox, springcloud three RPC framework

Project home page please click: project home page

Project documentation please click: project documentation

Sample project please click: sample project


  • lightweight microservice log tracking by tagging the logs
  • Provide three types of access: javaagent completely non-intrusive access, bytecode one line of code access, configuration file-based access
  • Non-intrusive design for business code, easy to use, 10 minutes to access
  • support for common log4j, log4j2, logback three logging framework, and provides automatic detection, complete adaptation
  • support dubbo, dubbox, springcloud three RPC framework
  • support for Spring Cloud Gateway and Soul gateway
  • adaptation of HttpClient and Okhttp http call tag passing
  • support for three task frameworks, JDK's TimerTask, Quartz, XXL-JOB
  • Supports configuration of custom templates for log tags, providing the option of multiple system-level buried tags
  • Support for asynchronous thread tracking, including thread pools, multi-level asynchronous threads and other scenarios
  • Almost no performance loss, fast and stable, after pressure testing, the loss is 0.01%

Since the community group is over 200 people, you need to invite to join the group. Follow the public number and click Personal WeChat to add me, I can pull you into the group


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