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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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This repository contains the version of Chromium used by Bloomberg, along with all the modifications made by Bloomberg in order to use it in our environment.

This repository serves a couple of purposes for us:

  • Provide a trimmed snapshot of the Chromium tree A typical Chromium checkout is about 3GB and fetches code from several different repositories. Most of that code is not used by Bloomberg (we only use the content portion of Chromium, and only for the Windows platform).

    Our checkout is about 300MB, and this all comes from a single repo, which makes it much easier for us to use internally.

  • Provide a space for us to make/publish changes We have made a bunch of changes to different parts of Chromium in order to make it behave the way we need it to. Some of these changes are bugfixes that can be submitted upstream, and some of them are just changes that we specifically wanted for our product, but may not be useful or desirable upstream. Each change is made on a separate branch. This allows us, at release time, to pick and choose which bugfixes/features we want to include in the release.

    Note that while most of our bugfixes are not submitted upstream, it is our intention to submit as many bugfixes upstream as we can.

    The list of branches along with descriptions and test cases can be found here.

Branch Structure

The master branch contains the code that is used to make the official Chromium builds used by Bloomberg. It is not used for development. Actual development happens in one of the bugfix/* or feature/* branches.

Each bugfix/* or feature/* branch is based on the upstream/latest branch, which contains a snapshot of the code we get from the upstream Chromium project. (Note: The upstream/latest is not an exact copy of the upstream Chromium repo. There are some minor modifications made to the build files and code, in order to aid and optimize our tree minimization process).

The release/candidate branch contains changes that are scheduled to be included in the next release.

Build Instructions

Bloomberg Employees: Build steps

If you are not a Bloomberg employee, the following instructions should still work:

  • Setup your build environment:

  • Run the following command from inside the top-level directory:

  • You can build it either on the command-line or from Visual Studio.

  • If building from the command line:

          ninja -C src/out/Debug     # for Debug builds
          ninja -C src/out/Release   # for Release builds
  • If building from Visual Studio:

    • Note: Even though you are using Visual Studio, it will internally build using ninja. The Visual Studio projects simply invoke ninja when you build them. Pure MSVC builds are not supported. These Visual Studio projects are useful only for browsing the code and debugging (setting breakpoints etc).
    • Open src/blpwtk2/blpwtk2.sln. This solution file should be generated from the previous step.
    • Build the blpwtk2_all project.
    • Now, you can either run the content_shell project or the blpwtk2_shell project:
      • The content_shell project is from the upstream Chromium project, and uses the content layer directly.
      • The blpwtk2_shell project is from our feature/blpwtk2 branch, and uses our blpwtk2 integration layer.

Microsoft, Windows, Visual Studio and ClearType are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
Firefox is a registered trademark of Mozilla Corp.
Chrome is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

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