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MEMC V1.1 Open Security Points.md 951 Bytes
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MECM V1.1 Open Security Related Points:

Requirement Security Rule Remarks
【MECM】支持容器镜像管理Support Container Image Manage APPStore repository password storage whether needs to be encrypted. If yes, Master key storage in-memory (for encrypting and storing APP Store image repository credentials), whether needs implementation like MEP or introduce a new module for this purpose or can obtain key during installation?
New image management rules (section 11) applicability to MECM as the images are already scanned for virus/tampering at APP Store (whether their is any scenario of external AppStore)
【MECM】MECM 支持本地边缘自治 Edge Autonomous MEPM Portal integration with User-Management to enable User Login/Logout (session/authorization) + Token based Authorization (at backend) and if omitted its impact to Existing APIs

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