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EdgeGallery MEP project

License Jenkins


Edgegallery MEP is an open source implementation of MEC platform according to ETSI MEC 003 [1] and 011 [2] documentation.

The MEC platform, as defined in ETSI GS MEC 003, offers an environment where MEC applications may discover, advertise, consume and offer MEC services. Upon receipt of update, activation or deactivation of traffic rules from the MEC platform manager, applications or services, the MEC platform instructs the data plane accordingly. The MEC platform also receives DNS records from the MEC platform manager and uses them to configure a DNS proxy/server.

Via Mp1 reference point between the MEC platform and the MEC applications, as defined in ETSI GS MEC 011, the basic functions are enabled, such as:

  • MEC service assistance:
    • authentication and authorization of producing and consuming MEC services;
    • a means for service producing MEC applications to register/deregister towards the MEC platform the MEC services they provide, and to update the MEC platform about changes of the MEC service availability;
    • a means to notify the changes of the MEC service availability to the relevant MEC application;
    • discovery of available MEC services;
  • MEC application assistance:
    • MEC application availability subscription;
    • MEC application termination subscription;

MEP architecture

MEP Mp1 service registry and discovery bases on servicecomb service center [3]. Servicecomb service center is a Restful based service-registry that provides micro-services discovery and micro-service management. MEP utilize its registry abilities and plugin mechanism to implement Mp1 interfaces. The mep-server module is the core implementations of MEP server for Mp1 APIs. The APIs is provided for MEC Apps to register or discover services in MEC platform.

MEP code directory

├── kong-plugin
│   ├── appid-header
│   └── kong.conf
├── mepauth
├── mepserver
└── README.md

Above is the directory tree of MEP project, their usage is as belows:

  • kong-plugin: mep api gateway kong plugin
  • mepserver: mep server implementation
  • mepauth: mepauth module provide token apply api for Apps

MEP build & run

Most of the MEP project codes are developed by golang, the kong plugin is by lua. MEP project is released via docker image.

build mep-auth

cd mepauth
sudo ./docker-build.sh

build mep-server

cd mepserver
sudo ./docker-build.sh

run mepauth

docker run -itd --name mepauth \
             --cap-drop All \
             --network mep-net \
             --link kong-service:kong-service \
             -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/jwt_publickey:${MEPAUTH_KEYS_DIR}/jwt_publickey:ro \
             -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/jwt_encrypted_privatekey:${MEPAUTH_KEYS_DIR}/jwt_encrypted_privatekey:ro \
             -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/mepserver_tls.crt:${MEPAUTH_SSL_DIR}/server.crt:ro \
             -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/mepserver_tls.key:${MEPAUTH_SSL_DIR}/server.key:ro \
             -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/ca.crt:${MEPAUTH_SSL_DIR}/ca.crt:ro \
             -v ${MEPAUTH_CONF_PATH}:/usr/mep/mprop/mepauth.properties \
             -e "MEPAUTH_APIGW_HOST=kong-service" \
             -e "MEPAUTH_APIGW_PORT=8444"  \
             -e "MEPSERVER_HOST=mepserver" \

MEP_CERTS_DIR is where you put mepauth server certificates and keys. MEPAUTH_CONF_PATH is a config file for mepauth.

run mepserver

MEP_CERTS_DIR is where you put mep server certificates and keys.

docker run -itd --name mepserver --network mep-net -e "SSL_ROOT=${MEPSERVER_SSL_DIR}" \
                                 --cap-drop All \
                                 -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/mepserver_tls.crt:${MEPSERVER_SSL_DIR}/server.cer:ro \
                                 -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/mepserver_encryptedtls.key:${MEPSERVER_SSL_DIR}/server_key.pem:ro \
                                 -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/ca.crt:${MEPSERVER_SSL_DIR}/trust.cer:ro \
                                 -v ${MEP_CERTS_DIR}/mepserver_cert_pwd:${MEPSERVER_SSL_DIR}/cert_pwd:ro \

More details about the building and installation of MEP, please refer to HERE.


[1] https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_gs/MEC/001_099/003/02.01.01_60/gs_MEC003v020101p.pdf

[2] https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_gs/MEC/001_099/011/01.01.01_60/gs_MEC011v010101p.pdf

[3] https://github.com/apache/servicecomb-service-center

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Edgegallery MEP是依据ETSI MEC 003 [1]和011 [2]标准实现的MEP开源方案 spread retract


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