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3 days ago
1458305 yu zhong 1578951976
利用开源人脸识别算法SeetaFace搭建Java Demo,SeetaFace介绍自行百度
12 months ago
1 year ago
实用的边缘设备无锚人脸检测与对齐算法Centerface, 模型大小7.3M
5 months ago
4 months ago
Real-World Masked Face Dataset,口罩人脸数据集
4 months ago
This is an open platform using Baidu AI, which reads the pictures in the clipboard, and then OCR
3 months ago
6 months ago
I swapped out YOLO v3 for YOLO v4 and added the option for asynchronous processing, which significantly improves the FPS.
1 month ago
6196683 tengxunkai 1591587685
1 month ago

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