AWTK 全称为 Toolkit AnyWhere,是 ZLG 倾心打造的一套基于 C 语言开发的 GUI 框架。旨在为用户提供一个功能强大、高效可靠、简单易用、可轻松做出炫酷效果的 GUI 引擎,并支持跨平台同步开发
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C 的图形界面开发库,可借助 XML 和 CSS 构建简单的跨平台桌面应用
17 hours ago LCUI 2.0.0 updated on Mar 03
16 days ago 1 issue
专为 LCUI 开发的 UI 组件库 ,设计参考自 Bootstrap、ElementUI、AntDesign
29 days ago LC Design 1.1.0 updated on Mar 03
This is a minimal state immediate mode graphical user interface toolkit written in ANSI C and licensed under public domain.
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5 years ago
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Kylin Display Switch is a Gui tool managing display output. Super_L + P/F3/F7 are utilized to activate display switching.
8 months ago
LC Design 组件库的示例应用
1 month ago
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Front of the window switcher in UKUI desktop environment.
8 months ago
A Gtk Widget used to display a logo.
10 months ago DEMO updated on May 25
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ukui-session contains the UKUI session manager, as well as a configuration program to choose applications starting on login
8 months ago
1775983 ubuntukylin 1578991080
ukui-panel contains the UKUI panel, the libukui-panel-applet library and several applets
8 months ago

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