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D2Admin 是一个完全 开源免费 的企业中后台产品前端集成方案,使用最新的前端技术栈,已经做好大部分项目前期准备工作,并且带有大量示例代码,助力管理系统敏捷开发 spread retract

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D2Admin is a fully open source and free enterprise back-end product front-end integration solution, using the latest front-end technology stack, has prepared most of the project preparations, and with a lot of sample code to help the management system agile development.

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  • Build with vue-cli3
  • First screen loading waiting animation
  • Five themes
  • Built-in UEditor rich text editor
  • Detailed documentation
  • Login and logout
  • Separate routing and menu settings
  • Foldable sidebar
  • Multi-national language
  • Rich text editor
  • Markdown editor
  • full screen
  • Fontawesome icon library
  • Icon selector
  • Automatically register SVG icon
  • Simulation data
  • Clipboard package
  • Chart library
  • Time and date calculation tool
  • Import Excel ( xlsx + csv )
  • Data export Excel ( xlsx + csv )
  • Data export text
  • Digital animation
  • Drag and drop the size of the block layout
  • Grid layout for drag and resize and position
  • Out-of-the-box page layout components
  • Load and parse markdown files
  • GitHub style markdown display component
  • markdown internal code highlighting
  • Expanded Baidu cloud link resolution and optimized display for markdown
  • Right click menu component
  • Custom scrollbars and scrolling controls
  • Common style extraction, convenient theme customization
  • Support temporary menu configuration
  • System function display module 1.1.4 +
  • Multi-tab mode 1.1.4 +
  • Beautify the scroll bar 1.1.4 +
  • json view 1.1.4 +
  • cookie wrapper 1.1.5 +
  • Multi-tab global control API 1.1.5 +
  • Menu Global Control API 1.1.5 +
  • Multi-tab page close control support right-click menu 1.1.10 +
  • Modular global state management 1.2.0 +
  • Multiple data persistence methods: distinguish users, distinguish routes, page data snapshot function 1.2.0 +
  • Support for menu system that jumps out of external links 1.2.0 +
  • Support menu svg icon 1.3.0 +
  • Logging and error catching 1.3.0 +
  • Global menu search 1.3.0 +
  • Custom login redirect 1.3.0 +
  • Switch global base component size 1.4.0 +
  • Page loading progress bar 1.4.1 +
  • Adaptive top menu bar 1.4.7 +
  • Support for merging cells when exporting xslx 1.5.4 +

Other version

Name HomePage Preview Introduction
Starter template Github Preview
D2 Admin Renren Github Preview renren
Alibaba Ice scaffold Ice Preview Introduction


Name HomePage Preview Introduction
D2 Daily Github Site Update news and resources in the design and technology circles every day
D2 CRUD Github Preview Table common operation package
D2 Ribbons Github Preview Open source project logo library

Derived open source projects

These projects are contributed by the open source community and are not guaranteed to use the latest version of D2Admin. Please contact their open source authors for related usage questions.

Name Github / HomePage Preview Introduction
d2-admin-pm Github Preview RBAC privilege management solution based on d2-admin
LanBlog Github Preview Vue + Beego restful api personal blog system

Open source backend implementation

The backend is contributed by the open source community. The latest version of D2Admin is not guaranteed. Please contact its open source author for related usage issues.

Name technology HomePage Preview Introduction
jiiiiiin-security Spring Boot + Spring Security Github Preview Separate front-end and back-end content management infrastructure projects, focusing on user rights management functions
Taroco Spring Cloud Github Preview Complete microservice enterprise solution
Aooms Spring Cloud Gitee Preview Extremely fast microservice development, not just as simple as JFinal
GOA Beego Github Preview Online question answering system based on Beego + Vue


If your open source project is based on D2Admin development, please add the following badge to your README:

Copy the following code into the README to:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="200"></a>

At the same time, you can report your project to us. We will place the excellent project in D2Admin and help you publicize it.

Important Contributor



Copyright (c) 2018-present FairyEver

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