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ZVT是在fooltrader的基础上重新思考后编写的量化项目,其包含可扩展的数据recorder,api,因子计算,选股,回测,定位为日线级别全市场分析和交易框架。 spread retract

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Read this in other languages: English.

ZVT is a quant trading platform written after rethinking trading based on fooltrader, which includes scalable data recorder, api, factor calculation, stock picking, backtesting, and unified visualization layer, focus on low frequency, multi-level, multi-targets full market analysis and trading framework.

🔖 Useage examples

Sector fund flow analysis

Market history pe distribution

Multi-market pe comparison

Margin financing trend

Foreign capital flow (Shanghai / Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect)

Dividend comparison

Dividend financing comparison

Balance sheet analysis

Custom factor


code examples

Algorithmic trading signals and performance

Multi-targets transaction

real time digital currency trading

stock picker

The entire framework is highly scalable, and only needs to write very little code to expand each module. The extended tutorials for each module are to be improved, and waiting for your contribution.

✨ Features

  • Enrich comprehensive out-of-the-box and updatable data
    • china market data: stock meta, financial statements, major shareholder behavior, executive transactions, dividend financing details, stock market capital flow, margin financing, dragon and tiger charts, etc.
    • Market pe, pb, capital flow, margin financing, foreign investment trends, etc.
    • crypto currency data
  • Standardization of data, multi-data source (provider) cross-validation, completion
  • Simple and extensible data framework
  • Uniform and simple API, support sql query, support pandas
  • Scalable factor, abstracting a unified calculation for single- and multi-targets operations
  • Provides a unified way of visualizing the factor
  • Concise and unified visual analysis method
  • Support multi-targets, multi-factor, multi-level backtesting
  • Real-time visualization of factors, trading signals and strategies
  • Support a variety of real trading (implementation)

🔰 install

quick start


git clone

setup virtual env(python>=3.6),install requirements

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

2.import the project(pycharm is good for it,vscode is ok too)

unzip data sample for the tests


pytest tests the data and run

change DATA_PATH(default datasample is just for testing)

DATA_PATH = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '..', 'data'))

eastmoney: 提取码: q2qn
netease: 提取码: ijxg
sina: 提取码: uux3
joinquant: 提取码: dipd

unzip them to DATA_PATH

run the main entry app


for updating the data,please refer to recorders

detailed documentation

docs is waiting for your contribution,especially english docs

💌 buy me a cup of coffee

If you think the project is helpful to you, you can buy me a cup of coffee Alipay      Wechat

💡 contribution

Looking forward to more developers participating in the development of zvt, I will promise Reivew PR as soon as possible and respond promptly. But submit PR please make sure

  1. Pass all unit tests, if it is new, please add unit test to it
  2. Compliance with development specifications
  3. Update the corresponding document if needed

Developers are also welcome to provide more examples for zvt to complement the documentation, located at [zvt/docs] (

Contact information

QQ group:300911873

wechat Public number (some tutorials would be here):

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