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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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lua-conwin.h 2.01 KB
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#ifndef __LUA_CONWIN_H_CHECK__
#define __LUA_CONWIN_H_CHECK__
#include "lua-sub-states.h"
#include "windows.h"
#define IS_FREED_BUFF_BOUNDED(i, buffer)\
((intptr_t)((buffer)[i]) >= 0 && (intptr_t)((buffer)[i]) <= MAX_FREED_INDEX)
#define IS_FREED_BUFF(i, buffer)\
((i) < 0 || (i) >= (int)((buffer).size()) || IS_FREED_BUFF_BOUNDED(i, buffer))
extern std::vector <int32_t*> semigraphics_bufs;
extern int gfx_index, tmp_gfx_index, tmp_gfx_index_2;
extern int luaevent_altkey_flags, tmp_input_pos_0;
extern int luacon_altmenu_suspend_count;
extern char* SDL_curr_status;
extern int32_t* luacon_mask_table_0;
extern bool fullscreened, fullscreen_wait, enable_fullscreen_shortcut;
extern CRITICAL_SECTION luacon_critical_0, luacon_critlib_lock_0;
void recreate_window_menu (bool init);
void drawchr_inv (int32_t* buf, int x, int y, int c);
int console_alloc_scrn (int i);
bool console_free_scrn (int i);
// void SwitchToMainThread (void* h);
// void luacon_wait_thread_0 ();
bool console_event_process(int sdl_key, uint16_t unicode, uint16_t mod, int32_t * textbuf, bool entered, int * _quit, char * cmd);
void SDL_console_key_release(int sdl_key, uint16_t mod);
void console_altmode_call(bool altflag, char * cmd);
int luacon_alt_loadf (lua_State * L);
int luacon_alt_loadst (lua_State * L);
int luaevent_cleanup_handles (lua_State * L);
void luacon_initCriticals ();
#ifndef __EVENT_CPP__
#include "lua-altsuspend.h"
int luaL_optint_gfx_i (lua_State * L, int n);
int luacon_alloc_scrn (lua_State*);
int luacon_free_scrn (lua_State*);
int luacon_window_cnt (lua_State*);
int luacon_window_cpct (lua_State*);
int luacon_window_recalc (lua_State*);
int luacon_switch_window (lua_State*);
int luacon_check_window (lua_State*);
int luacon_next_window (lua_State*);
int luacon_set_fullscreen (lua_State*);
int luacon_window_fileop (lua_State*);
int SDL_add_status_bar (int32_t *buf);
void console_blue_screen (lua_State*,int32_t*);
int luacon_popmessage (lua_State*);

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