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lua-proc-asm.asm 2.40 KB
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; flat assembler source
include 'macro/'
macro _callarg proc,[arg]
reverse pushd arg
common call proc
macro _fastcall proc,c,d,[arg]
reverse pushd arg
if ~ c eq ecx
mov ecx, c
end if
if ~ d eq edx
mov edx, d
end if
call proc
NULL equ 0
; ExceptionFlags:
format ELF
public luacon_process_pcall as '.luacon_process_pcall'
public luacon_swap64 as '.luacon_swap64'
public _draw_blockic as '.sdl_translate_draw_blockic.asm'
extrn '_abort' as abort
extrn '_FreeLibrary@4' as FreeLibrary
extrn '_GetProcAddress@8' as GetProcAddress
extrn '_LoadLibraryA@4' as LoadLibrary
extrn '_lua_pcall' as lua_pcall
extrn '.luacon_pcall_multret.0' as lua_pcall_multret
extrn '.luacon_pcall_resetstkoflw' as luacon_pcall_resetstkoflw
extrn '_RtlUnwind@16' as RtlUnwind
section '.text' executable align 16
push eax
push .excpt
push dword [fs:0]
mov [fs:0], esp
call lua_pcall_multret ; eax = lua_State (L)
mov esp, [fs:0]
mov [esp+40], eax
pop dword [fs:0]
add esp, 8
align 16
push esi ebx
mov ebx, [esp+4*3]
mov esi, [esp+4*4]
test byte [ebx+4], 6 ; EH_UNWINDING | EH_EXIT_UNWIND
jz .excpt1
xor eax, eax
inc eax
pop ebx esi
push esi
push dword [ebx]
_callarg RtlUnwind, esi, .excpt_target_ip, ebx, 0
pop ecx esp
.if ecx = 0xC00000FD
call luacon_pcall_resetstkoflw
test eax, eax
jz .abort
or eax, -1
jmp .epilog
align 16
call abort
align 16
push ebp edi esi ebx
mov ebp, eax
mov esi, edx
mov edi, ecx
mov eax, [ebp]
mov edx, [ebp+4]
mov ebx, [esi]
mov ecx, [esi+4]
lock cmpxchg8b [ebp]
jnz .1
mov [edi], eax
mov [edi+4], edx
pop ebx esi edi ebp
align 16
; expected: CHRW = 8 and CHRH = 16
; no callee saved registers
rept 8 n:0 {
mov esi, ecx
test eax, 0x80 shr n
cmovz esi, edx
movd xmm#n, esi
pshufd xmm#n, xmm#n, 0
lea esi, [ebx*3]
rept 4 a:0 {
irp b, 0,ebx,ebx*2,esi \{
rept 2 c:a*2 \\{
movups [edi+b+(c and 1)*16], xmm\\#c
if a < 3
lea edi, [edi+ebx*4]
end if
align 16
; section '.data' writeable align 16
; section '.rdata' align 16

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