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Airplay Receiver For Android & Windows

  • Android Receiver | Android Sender | Download from official website
  • Windows receiver wireless version | Windows receiver USB wired version
  • Sale Airplay protocol source code, can run on rockchip linux , windows, android platform
  • Support Airplay/Android mirroring/DLNA , support multiple Airplay simultaneous mirroring
  • Support iPhone/iPad wired casting using USB cable, rest screen constantly open, frame rate 60fps, suitable for large screen games / live education / live games / car casting scenarios
  • Support Android USB wired screen casting, audio and video mirroring at the same time, clear and no lag
  • iOS and MacOS, using Airplay protocol, no need to install software, direct mirroring screen casting
  • Android installation of screen casting client App, mirroring split screen display
  • Casting screen reverse control, that is, the Android receiver side reverse control the sender side
  • Support multiplier playback, support 4K video playback, can push 4K content from Aiki/ Tencent video/ Youku and other apps (depends on the hardware specification of the receiver)
  • Deep optimization of protocol layer and decoding layer, low latency, no latency for racing games (120ms)
  • Support vertical display, cell phone screen can be enlarged to display on vertical display such as advertising machine
  • Windows system install screen casting client](https://wwm.lanzoub.com/ifrHV03f86pi), you can use the screen casting code to cast screen to the corresponding receiver with one key. Support simultaneous mirroring of the computer screen to multiple receivers, the receiver can also display multiple screens at the same time, that is, support for a cast multiple and multi-cast one, suitable for meetings and offices, PPT presentations


  • Screen Mirroring from iOS and Mac OSX devices.
  • Supports use of hardware H.264 decoder available on the receiver device for low CPU usage and better performance.
  • Has simple and easy to integrate API which is uniform across multiple supported platforms.
  • Supports playback of YouTube free content to the Airplay Receiver device.
  • The source code is available on several different platforms, and can be easily ported to new platforms.

Android App

  • If you’re dying to see exactly what is possible with this SDK/SOURCE, you should check out showcase android app in repository.

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Use Cases

  • Meeting room Collaboration: The SDK allows the presenter to slide the presentation while walking around and being more interactive with the audience, instead of being near to the laptop connected to the big screen to slide through. The mobile display can also be broadcasted on video conference call or webinar through this technology.

  • Education: The SDK can be used to share the content from Apple devices to the classroom. Thus, the instructor can walk around the room during demonstration. Also, the students can show their work to the whole classroom using this technology. The provision of password protection feature restricts unauthorized access.

  • Home Entertainment: The SDK allows users to watch stored videos/songs and YouTube free content directly to the receiver device over WiFi. It also facilitates easy viewing of photos and videos on a large screen at family and friends gatherings.

  • Car Infotainment: The SDK allows sharing of screen, playback of audio/video/movies, slideshow of the photos stored on iOS/Mac devices to Android/Embedded Linux based Car Infotainment unit wirelessly for viewing by all occupants in the car. This enables a car to act as a small presentation room, where the iOS user can take the users through presentation on Car Infotainment controlling the slides from the iOS device.


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Airplay Receiver SDK supports Airplay Mirroring and AirPlay Casting to a receiver device. expand collapse
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