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GVPHarmonyOS / OpenArkCompilerC++MulanPSL-1.0

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Developer Guide

By referring to this document, you can download the OpenArkCompiler source code to compile it.


Prepare development environment by referring to Environment Configuration.

Downloading Source Code

Download address: You can download the OpenArkCompiler source code in Clone or Download mode.

Note: The download directory of the source code is openarkcompiler by default.

Compiling Source Code

Run the following command in the openarkcompiler directory to compile OpenArkCompiler. The output path is openarkcompiler/out/bin by default.

source build/

Command description:

  • source build/ Initialize the environment and add the toolchain path openarkcompiler/out/bin of OpenArkCompiler to environment variables.
  • make: Compile the release version of OpenArkCompiler.
  • make BUILD_TYPE=DEBUG: Compile the debug version of OpenArkCompiler.

Compiling Sample

The Java basic library is required for OpenArkCompiler to compile a sample. The following uses the Java basic library provided by the Android OS to describe the sample compilation process.

Preparing basic library

  • Download the Android code and compile it locally to obtain the libcore JAR package. The Android 9.0.0_r45 version is recommended.

  • Gitee also provides the compiled libcore JAR file. Download address:

Generating the libjava-core.mplt file

Before compilation, create the libjava-core directory in the openarkcompiler directory, copy the java-core.jar file to the libjava-core directory, and run the following commands in the openarkcompiler directory:

source build/;
cd libjava-core;
jbc2mpl -injar java-core.jar -out libjava-core;

After the execution is complete, the libjava-core.mplt file is generated in the directory.

Compiling sample code

The sample code is in the openarkcompiler/samples directory.

Take the samples/helloworld/ code as an example. Run the following command in the openarkcompiler/ directory:

source build/; make; cd samples/helloworld/; make

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