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基于 vue2.0 和 heyui 组件库的中后端系统 spread retract

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heyui-admin is a mature enterprise application solution. It based on vue and use the UI Toolkit heyui.

This is a mature front-end solution. You can use this project to complete all front-end development work.

Online Preview

We launched an online project to facilitate users to see the actual use of heyui-admin.

Online Preview

Tutorial documentation

We have provided instructions for heyui-admin. If you have any questions in the process of using it, it is recommended to consult the relevant documents first.


The project is based on:

Understanding and learning this knowledge in advance will greatly help the use of this project.


- Js
  - common
    - package axios
    - all requests
    - common utils
  - js model
  - config
    - router config
    - heyui config
    - dict config
    - autocomplete config
    - category config
    - menu config
    - tree config
  - vue
    - components
    - filters
    - directives
  - vuex
    - store

- FrameComponent
  - App
  - App Header
    - Messages
    - Global Search
  - App Menu
  - Login

- Components
  - Dashboard
  - Icons
  - Info
    - Basic Page
    - Detail Page
  - Form
    - Basic Form
    - Create Form
  - Table
    - Basic Table
    - Search Table
    - Detail Modal
  - Components
    - Chart
    - Rich Text Editor
    - Markdown Editor
    - Code Editor
    - Clipboard
  - Account Center
    - Account Setting
    - Security Setting
  - Logout

- Error Page
  - 403
  - 404
  - 500

Getting started

Use hey-cli

Install hey-cli@1.13.0+ globally.

Recommend to use of scaffolding hey-cli.

# clone the project
git clone

cd heyui-admin

# install dependency
npm install

# develop, you have installed hey-cli
hey dev

This will automatically open http://localhost:9012, or you can change the port in hey.conf.js file.

Use vue-cli

Install vue-cli@3.0.0+ globally.

# clone the project
git clone

cd heyui-admin

# Copy the files in the vue-cli folder to the root directory
mv -f ./vue-cli/* ./

# install dependency
npm install

# develop, you have installed vue-cli
npm run serve


hey.conf.js,modify the reverse proxy address to the back end address of the real project.

devServer: {
  "proxy": {
    "/api": {
      //proxy address
      "target": ""
  historyApiFallback: true


We recommend that all environments use the same set of code, and refer to the documentation for specific solutions.

# build
hey build

Browser Support

Modern browsers and Internet Explorer 9+.

The system has been configured to install polyfill.


If you think this project has helped you, you can buy the author a cup of tea as a sign of encouragement.




Copyright (c) 2018-present Lan (vvpvvp)

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