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Minified Docker image with Java

Docker Pulls Build Status

Basic Docker image to run Java applications.
This image is based on AlpineLinux to keep the size down, yet smaller images do exist.
Includes BASH, since many Java applications like to have convoluted BASH start-up scripts.


All tags upgraded to alpine:3.4 Latest tags are based on alpine:3.7.


To allow selection of specific Java version, a major retagging is taking place. Old tags will remain for compatibility sake, but are no longer documented.
:8,:7 and :latest are all valid, but are not "locked" to any specific Java version / patch set - i.e. depending on when you pull the :8 tagged image, for example, you might end up with 8u102b14, 8u112b15, 8u121b13, etc.. Well, :7 no as much, since it's EOL and no more patches are released.

However specific :8uXXXbYY tags (such as :8u102b14, :8u112b15) will guarantee particular MAJOR-MINOR-BUILD Java versions.

JCE Policy

Special _unlimited images are available with Unlimited JCE Policy

Early Release MUSL JRE9 / JDK9: 9 / 9_jdk
Latest JRE8/JDK8 Version: 8u172b11
Latest JRE7/JDK7 Version: 7u80b15 - no longer buildable, as Oracle provides no downloadable packages. JDK8/JDK7 Versions with alternative JVM - DCEVM: light-8u112 / full-7u80


Latest Oracle Java 8 Server-JRE:

  • latest
  • 8
  • 8_server-jre
  • 8_server-jre_unlimited

Latest Oracle Java 8 JDK (plus DCEVM variant)

  • 8_jdk
  • 8_jdk_unlimited
  • 8_jdk-dcevm
  • 8_jdk-dcevm_unlimited

Latest Oracle Java 7 Server-JRE:

  • 7
  • 7_server-jre

Latest Oracle Java 7 JDK (plus DCEVM variant):

  • 7_jdk
  • 7_jdk-dcevm



docker run -it --rm anapsix/alpine-java java -version


By using Dockerfiles contained in this repo and/or container images derived from them, you are agreeing to any and all applicable license agreements & export rules related to unlimited strength crypto, etc..

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