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:gift: iReact: Fantastic React Components and Libraries! Makes it easy for you to pick one that’ll work for you. spread retract

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Fantastic React Components and Libraries!

Build Status helps you discover the most fantastic, powerful React Components and Libraries, and makes it easy for you to pick one that’ll work for you.



  • Must do something useful, and must not be just a demo
  • Must be MIT/BSD-license or similar permissive license
  • Must be well-tested

Submitting new libraries and components

Want to add your own? Fork this site on GitHub, add your framework to "data.js" and submit a pull request.

1. submit pull request

  • Add your library to "data.js", at the end of the file (this helps with merging many contributions) and enter the required attributes: 'name', 'repo', 'author', 'tags', 'description', all can't be empty(null or '').
  • The repo should point to wherever you host your README or docs and where code is downloaded code-download.
  • The tags attribute must be a array of the project keywords. max array length is 4. max string size is 30.
  • Running npm run build, and open index.html with your browser, should work and not return an error. To run build, you'll need node installed, and npm install first.
  • Then submit a pull request.

2. submit an issue

Open an issue here.

You should fill all the information of your project.

All rights reserved

Please note that is a curated site and that we reserve the right to refuse any listing for any reason.

The code/website is released under a MIT License.

This project is rewrited from with react.

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