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hyjiacan / ColorWanted

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点击此处 查看中文文档。

This is a screen color picker on Windows system. RGBHSLHSB/HSVHSI are supported。

If you got any issue or suggestion, issue is always welcome.

Tips: You may get a warning after ColorWanted startup, what shows you that ColorWanted is accessing the network. Don't worry, ColorWanted is just start a UDP server with a random port, to communicate cross processes (Between ColorWanted only).


Note: Because of Github upgrade SSL as Tls12(happened at Feb. 2018), .NET4.0/WindowsXP was not supported since version 2.6.2(.NET4.0 dose not support Tls12, so I removed auto update from old version 2.6.1)

Source & Download

Source Code

git clone https://github.com/hyjiacan/ColorWanted.git --recursive


git clone https://gitee.com/hyjiacan/ColorWanted.git --recursive



You got 2 windows after ColorWanted startup: one to show color value (HEX or RGB), another to preview scaled pixels.

Window position and options are always stored immediately while changed (contains changed by hotkey), you can open the config file via Open Config menu item on tray context menu.

  • color value window Show the color value of pixel which cursor on, follow color space are available:
  • RGB(in HEX)
  • RGB(in Decimal)
  • HSL
  • HSB
  • HSI

You can toggle visible them except RGB (via tray context menu or hotkey Alt+E)

  • pixel preview window Preview pixels around pixel which cursor on. You can scroll mousewheel up to zoom in and down to zoom out preview window.

  • Color palette Open system color palette, a copied color would be the default color in palette. A HEX color value will be copy after button OK clicked.

  • Copy policy You can just copy the color value by check HEX only/RGB only under Copy policy.

  • HEX ony: copy FFFFFF only, without symbol #

  • RGB only: copy 255,255,255 only, without RGB().

Hotkey: Alt+V

  • Screenshot (no translation, Chinese only) Click the circle button front of main window to take screenshot (via tray context menu or hotkey Alt+X).

  • Image Viewer (no translatio, Chinese onlyn) Provides a tool to get the rectangle size with similar color. You can associate image file (PNG/BMP/JP[E]G) with it by tray menu.


Double click Press keys in 1 second

  • Alt+C Copy HEX value, double click to copy RGB value
  • Alt+V Switch copy policy
  • Alt+E Switch display mode(mini/standard/extended)
  • Alt+F1 Switch window mode(hidden/fixed/follow)
  • Alt+F2 Show/hide preview window
  • Alt+F3 Open color palette
  • Alt+` Pause/resume preview, double click to pause/resume pick color
  • Alt+T Bring color windows to the top, escapse from any windows on it
  • Alt+P Whether to preview with pixel scale
  • Alt+X Take screenshot

Here is the default hotkeys, you can change them by Hotkey menu.

You can pause/resume preview by right click on preview window


Pick color

Pick color

Pick the color of pixel which cursor on, color windows show HEX value and RGB value. The cross point show the scaled pixel.

Pixel scale

Pixel scale

If you want to get color from a exactly pixel, you can just press Alt+` to pause preview, then move your cursor on preview window, then pick the color you want.

Customize hotkeys

Customize hotkeys

You can find all hotkey definitions here.



Take screenshot

take screenshot

Image Viewer

Image Viewer

Get rectangle size from image.

Open source license

Colorwanted is under license GPL V3


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