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GuiLite Previewer - WYSIWYG extension for GuiLite

  • GuiLite is the smalles/simplest/stablest GUI library for all platforms, it has only 5,000 line C++ code.
  • GuiLite Previewer is a Visual Studio Code extension, could extract GUI information from C++ code and preview GUI at preview page(What you see is what you get)
  • No need for drag-and-drop widgets, everything (e.g. code/design/build/debug) could be done by coding
  • No need for special GUI editor(e.g. Android Studio, Qt designer)
  • No need for Extensible Markup Language(e.g. xml, xaml)



How to build/use GuiLite Previewer?

  1. Download npm, and install
  2. Run in Windows command line: cd GuiLitePreviwer ⚠️and make sure you're in GuiLitePreviwer folder⚠️
  3. Run in Windows command line: npm install
  4. Run in Windows command line: code . which will open the project in VS Code window
  5. In VS Code window you just opened, Press F5 to build/debug the extension
  6. You will get an new VS Code window with the extension you build above
  7. In the new VS Code window, open your source code(e.g. test.cpp)
  8. ctrl + shift + p, and input GuiLite: preview layout
  9. You will see your GUI layout in preview page

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