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ideamark / breadbotPythonGPL-3.0

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小面包(Breadbot)是一款功能强大,简单易部署的聊天AI spread retract

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Notice: Creating folder will generate an empty file .keep, because not support in Git



Breadbot is a new chatterbot framwork at experimental stage which is aimed to simplify the development of chatterbot.

  • Open source code & huge amount of corpus
  • Wiki based corpus, easy to read & write
  • Minimalist design. Easy to deploy. Fast response

Visit the homepage Breadbot.Fun for more info.

Have a try

  • Download WeChat on your phone
  • Login WeChat and scan the QR code
  • QR
  • Talk to Breadbot

Quick Install

Breadbot works on Linux. Of cause u can let it work on other OS by modify the source code.

  • Download:
    • git clone
  • Install:
    • First, make sure you have installed python3, python3-pip, python3-dev, gcc, redis-server.
    • run setup command: python3 install
    • The corpus will be downloaded during installation.
  • Uninstall:
    • python3 uninstall
  • Clean (not uninstall):
    • python3 clean

Let us start

  1. Type redis-server to launch Redis on port 6379.
  2. Type breadbot to launch the local console.
  3. Type import to import corpus data.
  4. Then u can test Breadbot. Type help for more info.


  • All the corpus of Breadbot is on Breadbot.Fun, which is a website and also a git repo.
  • The repo will be downloaded automatically when you setup Breadbot by python3 install.


  • Just watch the only single config file: bread.cfg

Super user mode

  • Super user mode is set for developers.
  • The local console is default set as super user.
  • If your WeChat ID is in bread.cfg super user list, u will get the super user functions.

Import to your project

  • Need root permission.
from breadbot.core import response
response('localuser', 'hello')

Connect to WeChat

  • Config your WeChat public platform account on Create the Token and enter your server URL.
  • Then back to local server. Run the command breadbot start to launch the server. Enter your Token and server IP.
  • After that, Breadbot will connect to WeChat public platform and u can chat to it on WeChat.

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