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Yi / powershell.install.software

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Installation interface Installation interface

You are welcome to install the software using PowerShell

欢迎您使用 PowerShell 安装软件

  . The main function
    1. If the installation package does not exist locally, activate the download function;
    2. When using the download function, it automatically judges the system type, automatically selects in order, and so on;
    3. Automatically select drive letter:
        3.1    The drive letter can be specified, and the current system drive will be excluded after setting automatic.
               If no available disk is found, return to the current system disk;
        3.2    The minimum required remaining free space can be set, the default is 1GB;
    4. Search file name supports fuzzy search, wildcard *;
    5. Queue, add to the queue after running the installer, and wait for the end;
    6. Search sequentially according to the preset structure:
       * Original download address: https://fengyi.tel/Instl.Packer.Latest.exe
         + Fuzzy file name: Instl.Packer*
           - Condition 1: System language: en-US, search condition: Instl.Packer*en-US*
           - Condition 2: Search for fuzzy file name: Instl.Packer*
           - Condition 3: Search the website to download the original file name: Instl.Packer.Latest
    7. Dynamic function: add pre-run and post-run processing, go to Function OpenApp {} to change the module;
    8. Support decompression package processing, etc.
  . 主要功能
    1. 本地不存在安装包,激活下载功能;
    2. 使用下载功能时,自动判断系统类型,自动按顺序选择,依次类推;
    3. 自动选择盘符:
        3.1    可指定盘符,设置自动后将排除当前系统盘,
        3.2    可设置最低要求剩余可用空间,默认 1GB;
    4. 搜索文件名支持模糊查找,通配符 *;
    5. 队列,运行安装程序后添加到队列,等待结束;
    6. 依次按预先设置的结构搜索:
       * 原始下载地址:https://fengyi.tel/Instl.Packer.Latest.exe
         + 模糊文件名:Instl.Packer*
           - 条件 1:系统语言:en-US,搜索条件:Instl.Packer*en-US*
           - 条件 2:搜索模糊文件名:Instl.Packer*
           - 条件 3:搜索网站下载原始文件名:Instl.Packer.Latest
    7. 动态功能:已添加运行前,运行后处理,前往 Function OpenApp {} 处更改该模块;
    8. 支持解压包处理等。

Package configuration tutorial

 Package Configuration                                    Description
("Windows Defender Control",                              Package name
 [Status]::Enable,                                        Status: Enable - enabled; Disable - disabled
 [Action]::Install,                                       Action: Install - install; NoInst - does not install after download; Unzip - only extract after download; To - install to directory
 [Mode]::Wait,                                            Operation mode: Wait - wait for completion; Fast - run directly
 "auto",                                                  After setting automatic, the current system disk will be excluded. If no available disk is found, the default setting is the current system disk; specify the drive letter [A:]-[Z:]; specify the path: \\
 "Installation package\Tool",                             Directory Structure
 "https://www.sordum.org/files/download/d-control/dControl.zip", Default, including x86 download address
 "",                                                      x64 download link
 "",                                                      Arm64 download link
 "dControl*",                                             File name fuzzy search (*)
 "/D",                                                    Operating parameters
 "1:dControl:ini")                                        Dynamic module: choose option 1; dControl = configuration file name; ini = type, go to Function OpenApp {} to change the module

 .Make configuration file

 - default
   dControl.ini Change to dControl.Default.ini

 - English
   dControl.ini Change to dControl.en-US.ini
   Open dControl.en-US.ini and change Language=Auto to Language=English

 - Chinese
   dControl.ini Change to dControl.zh-CN.ini
   Open dControl.zh-CN.ini and change Language=Auto to Language=Chinese_简体中文

   Delete dControl.ini after making it.


 软件包                                                    描述
("Windows Defender Control",                              软件包名称
 [Status]::Enable,                                        状态:Enable - 启用;Disable - 禁用
 [Action]::Install,                                       动作:Install - 安装;NoInst - 下载后不安装;Unzip - 下载后仅解压;To - 安装到目录
 [Mode]::Wait,                                            运行方式:Wait - 等待完成;Fast - 直接运行
 "auto",                                                  设置自动后将排除当前系统盘,搜索不到可用盘时,默认设置为当前系统盘;指定盘符 [A:]-[Z:];指定路径:\\
 "安装包\工具",                                            目录结构
 "https://www.sordum.org/files/download/d-control/dControl.zip", 默认,含 x86 下载地址
 "",                                                      x64 下载地址
 "",                                                      Arm64 下载地址
 "dControl*",                                             文件名模糊查找 (*)
 "/D",                                                    运行参数
 "1:dControl:ini")                                        动态模块:选择方案 1;dControl = 配置文件名;ini = 类型,前往 Function OpenApp {} 处更改该模块


 - 默认
   dControl.ini 复制后更改为 dControl.Default.ini

 - 英文
   dControl.ini 复制后更改为 dControl.en-US.ini
   打开 dControl.en-US.ini,将 Language=Auto 修改为 Language=English

 - 中文
   dControl.ini 复制后更改为 dControl.zh-CN.ini
   打开 dControl.zh-CN.ini,将 Language=Auto 修改为 Language=Chinese_简体中文

   制作完成后删除 dControl.ini。

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