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Yii2 MQTT Server, IOT服务端, 基于Swoole 4. 特性: 将Topic作为路由解析到controller/action/param; 支持从Web项目透过redis的pub/sub机制投递异步任务; 多进程, 异步, 协程; 简洁, 易扩展. spread retract

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MQTT For Yii2 Base On Swoole 4

MQTT server for Yii2 base on swoole 4, Resolve topic as a route reflect into controller/action/param, And support redis pub/sub to trigger async task from your web application


Install Yii2: Yii2.

Install swoole: swoole, recommend version 4+.

Other dependency: php-redis extension.

The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

php composer.phar require --prefer-dist immusen/yii2-swoole-mqtt "~1.0"

or add

"immusen/yii2-swoole-mqtt": "~1.0"

to the require section of your composer.json file.

Test or Usage

# after installation, cd project root path, e.g. cd yii2-advanced-project/
mv vendor/immusen/yii2-swoole-mqtt/example/mqtt ./
mv vendor/immusen/yii2-swoole-mqtt/example/mqtt-server ./
chmod a+x ./mqtt-server
# run:
# config :
cat ./mqtt/config/params.php
return [
    'listen' => 8721,
    'daemonize' => 0,
    'auth' => 1, // config auth class in ./main.php
# or coding in ./mqtt/controllers/

Test client: MQTTLens, MQTT.fx


Case A: Subscribe/Publish

1, mqtt client subscribe topic: room/count/100011

2.1, mqtt client publish: every time publish topic: room/join/100011, the subscribe side will get count+1, or publish topic: room/leave/100011 get count -1.

2.2, redis client pulish: every time $redis->publish('async', 'room/join/100011'), the subscribe side will get count+1, or $redis->publish('async', 'room/leave/100011') get count -1.

Case B: Publish(Notification Or Report)

mqtt client publish topic: report/coord/100111 and payload: e.g. 110.12345678,30.12345678,0,85


MQTT subscribe topic: "channel/count/100001" will handle at:

    class ChannelController{
        public function actionCount($channel_id){
            echo "client {$this->fd} subscribed the count change of channel {$channel_id}";

//client 1 subscribed the count change of channel 100001

MQTT Publish Topic: "channel/join/100001" with payload: "Foo" will handle at:

    class ChannelController{
        public function actionJoin($channel_id, $who){
            echo "{$who} join in channel {$channel_id}";
            #then broadcast update to all client who subscribed channel 100001
            #$this->publish($fds, $sub_topic, $count);

// Foo join in channel 100001


About MQTT: MQTT Version 3.1.1 Plus Errata 01

Non-complete implementation of MQTT 3.1.1 in this project, Upgrading...

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