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不在乎y authored 2018-11-13 09:09 . Update .gitignore
# Uncomment these types if you want even more clean repository. But be careful.
# It can make harm to an existing project source. Read explanations below.
# Resource files are binaries containing manifest, project icon and version info.
# They can not be viewed as text or compared by diff-tools. Consider replacing them with .rc files.
# Type library file (binary). In old Delphi versions it should be stored.
# Since Delphi 2009 it is produced from .ridl file and can safely be ignored.
# Diagram Portfolio file. Used by the diagram editor up to Delphi 7.
# Uncomment this if you are not using diagrams or use newer Delphi version.
# Visual LiveBindings file. Added in Delphi XE2.
# Uncomment this if you are not using LiveBindings Designer.
# Deployment Manager configuration file for your project. Added in Delphi XE2.
# Uncomment this if it is not mobile development and you do not use remote debug feature.
# C++ object files produced when C/C++ Output file generation is configured.
# Uncomment this if you are not using external objects (zlib library for example).
# Delphi compiler-generated binaries (safe to delete)
# Delphi autogenerated files (duplicated info)
# Delphi local files (user-specific info)
# Delphi history and backups
# Castalia statistics file (since XE7 Castalia is distributed with Delphi)

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