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brookshi / HitchhikerTypeScriptGPL-2.0

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Hitchhiker 是一款开源的 Restful Api 集成测试工具,支持Schedule, 数据对比,压力测试,可以轻松部署到本地 spread retract

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brookshi authored 2018-02-03 22:43 . update doc

Hitchhiker Api is a Restful Api integrated testing tool that support Schedule, Response comparsion, Stress Test, support upload js file to hook request, easy to deploy it in your local server. It make easier to manage Api with your team.

Go to for test,use try without login. (Demo doesn't support stress test)

中文文档  Document

更改日志  Change Log


  • Api collaboration development with team
  • Api history
  • Multiple environments and Runtime variables support, easy to handle api dependence
  • Assert base on UI
  • Powerful script, support requiring any js lib which upload to project, read excel, cryptographic, no can't do
  • Request parameterization, include ManytoMany and OnetoOne, now you can use a request to handle multple situation like various query string, body
  • Schedule and run batch
  • Make a comparison for Api response between two different environments (eg: stage vs product)
  • Support Handling response before comparing
  • Easy to deploy (support docker, windows, linux), keep data in your control, never lose data
  • All changed will be auto saved in local cache even if refresh page
  • Support importing Postman v1 collections
  • Distributed stress test
  • Sync collection data of team automatically
  • Api Document (in future)

Different with Postman

Func Hitchhiker Postman
Collaboration ✔, auto sync Need Share,Pro support but not free
Script ✔ Powerful,could upload js lib ✔ only can use built-in lib
Schedule ✔, use Newman and Jenkins
Response comparison
Stress Test
Param Req
Document ✘, powerful doc system in plan ✔,weak
Api Mock
Detail Need improve Strong
security Strong,deploy in local Weak, data will upload to server

微信交流 (注明 api)



Only test in Chrome(Recommend) and Firefox, Don't have any plan to support the others.


GPL-2.0 + Commercial use prohibited

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