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Jitamin是一款免费、开源,使用PHP语言开发的项目管理系统。QQ群:656868 spread retract

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Jitamin (pronounced /ˈdʒɪtəmɪn/) is a free software written in PHP, intended to handle the project management over the web.

Jitamin is inspired by vitamin. It also stands for JIT(Just In Time) and Min(The pinyin of ).




  • Get a clear visual overview of your project
  • Multiple themes
  • Project/task management
  • Support task list, kanban and Gantt views
  • Drag and drop tasks
  • Multiple language support, build-in English and Chinese language supports
  • Filter on search results
  • Support personal projects and team projects
  • Support tasks, sub-tasks, attachment, comments
  • Auto-trigger actions
  • Visualized statistics result
  • Support third part integration
  • Support plugins

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There are a few things that you will need to have set up in order to run Jitamin:

  • A web server: Nginx, Apache (with mod_rewrite), or Lighttpd
  • PHP 5.6+ (PHP7 is recommended)
  • Database: MySQL is recommended, also you can choose PostgreSQL orSQLite
  • Composer


Get the jitamin source code

$ cd /var/www
$ git clone
$ cd jitamin

Setting the config file

$ cp .env.example .env

Adjust the .env according to your environment, especially the database settings.

Install the PHP dependency packages

$ composer install -o --no-dev

Create database,and setting env

CREATE USER 'jitamin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'jitamin';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON jitamin.* TO 'jitamin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'jitamin' WITH GRANT OPTION;

then, edit .env file, change databases,username and password. and edit config/config.php file.

Migrate the database and initialize the database

  • create database tables
vendor/bin/phinx migrate
  • initialize database
vendor/bin/phinx seed:run

For installation under Windows, you should replace the command vendor/bin/phinx with vendor\robmorgan\phinx\bin\phinx.bat.

Confirm that the directory bootstrap/cache and storage have write permission

$ chmod -R 0777 bootstrap/cache
$ chmod -R 0777 storage

Optional steps

$ php artisan config:cache
$ php artisan route:cache

Access the service through web browser

Open your web browser, enter the address such as to access the web service. The initial Super Administrator's user name and password are listed below:

  • username: admin or
  • password: admin

Upgrade steps

Fetch the latest source code

$ git fetch --all
$ git checkout latest_tag // Change the  latest_tag to the latested release git tag, such as 0.4.4

Update the dependencies

$ composer install -o --no-dev

Update the database

vendor/bin/phinx migrate

For updating under Windows, you should replace the command vendor/bin/phinx with vendor\robmorgan\phinx\bin\phinx.bat.

Optional steps

$ php artisan config:cache
$ php artisan route:cache


We have a site to demostrate how Jitamin works, please visit You can login by either of three kinds of account below.

Github account

Press the button Login with my Github Account

Test user

  • username: test or
  • password: test123


  • username: jitamin or
  • password: jitamin


Jitamin has its own pre-compiled static resources, if you don't want to change the web frontend styles, just skip this section.


  • Node.js
  • Bower
  • Gulp
yarn install || npm install
bower install


Jitamin is licensed under the license of MIT. See the LICENSE for more details.

Jitamin is a fork based on Kanboard. Kanboard is Copyright Frédéric Guillot and others.

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