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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
yeoman generator for Angularjs 前端开发神器 spread retract

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#yeoman generator-ng-panes

Awesome friend yeoman!

Based on the original generator-angular with some extra methods, and getting it ready to work with io.js.

Please help out to test it! Many thanks!


  1. Allow you to choose from different UI framework: Bootstrap, Bootstrap-Sass, Foundation, Semantic-UI , Angular-Material, Materialize, UIKit and AmazeUI.
  2. This generator will be ready for AngularJS 2.0 when its ready. At the moment, ask you if you want to use V1 or V2 (but it will always set to V1 for the time being).
  3. This generator will use Gulp by default.
  4. The dist compilation will be little different, all templates will get generate into js files.
  5. The Angular module configuration will be a little bit different. It will use angular DOM attachment instead of writing it into the HTML. This will give you the opportunity to use dynamic loading scheme.
  6. Chinese option!
  7. You can save your settings (saved into $HOME/.panes/ng-panes-preference.json) and allow you create the exact same project again.
  8. Use ngAnnotate so you don't have to type all the module names.

And more.


Install it just like any generators:

$ npm install -g yo generator-ng-panes

Now you exit the generator-ng-panes folder.

$ cd ..
$ mkdir testProject
$ cd testProject
$ yo ng-panes

You are good to go!

##Complete Documentation

Please visit panes.js for the full documentation


BSD license

#yeoman generator-ng-panes 前端开发神器

基于generator-angular再开发,加入了许多新功能和为io.js 兼容作好准备。


  1. 可选多种不同的界面库: Bootstrap, Bootstrap-Sass, Foundation, Semantic-UI , Angular-Material, Materialize, UIKit and AmazeUI.
  2. 当angular 2进入beta时,你可以选不同版本。
  3. 使用gulp为任务助手。
  4. 模塊使用DOM模式加入(不在HTML里加attribute), 让开发者更简单地改用AMD方案。
  5. 內部开发改善,一起步便mini safe。
  6. 可选中文。yo ng-panes --cn
  7. 把项目的设置保存 ($HOME/.panes/ng-panes-preference.json), 同时可以使用保存的项目设置来建立新的项目。





$ npm install -g yo generator-ng-panes


$ npm install -g cnpm --registry=
$ cnpm install -g generator-ng-panes


$ mkdir testProject
$ cd testProject
$ yo ng-panes --cn


yo ng-panes --help --cn



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