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yeoman generator for Riot.js V.3 with ES6+ / Rollup.js and a lot of goodies. spread retract

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Yeoman Generator for Riot 3 with gulp, rollup and other good stuff


This is currently in beta stage, we are making it up as we going along. Anything broken whatever leave your comment here. Thanks!

  1. The big change is support Riot 3, and using riot-route by default.
  2. Streamline the entire generator, and leave a lot of third parties dependencies out (you can choose)
  3. Since we are completely re-building the entire projects (there are in fact 5 different libraries together with this) we strip out all of them for now. And will add them back one after another.
  4. Our last version already successfully build several (PAYING!) products, range from server control panel UI to a run on raspberry pi kiosk. This is a tool for people whom are working for a living. We will add feature and tutorials later on. In fact, there might be a book coming out (yes I know, it's been a long time ...)


First, install Yeoman and generator-rtjs using npm (we assume you have already installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-rtjs

Then generate your new project:

mkdir your-project-name && cd your-project name && yo rtjs your-project-name

Again we have English and Chinese support

yo rtjs your-new-project-name --lang=cn

Getting To Know Yeoman

  • Yeoman has a heart of gold.
  • Yeoman is a person with feelings and opinions, but is very easy to work with.
  • Yeoman can be too opinionated at times but is easily convinced not to be.
  • Feel free to learn more about Yeoman.


Here are a few things you need to know (do) before you can use this generator for your next Riot (v.3) projects:

Gulp (V4)

This is not official release yet. So you need to change a few of your own settings before you can use it.

If you have existing gulp (pre 4) installed globally. Then you need to uninstall it first:

$ npm remove gulp -g

Don't worry, you are going to install the new gulp-cli. It works with older projects:

$ npm install gulp-cli -g

Please check out this article from for more detail.

CSS Frameworks

We offer you 3+1 choices at the moment:

  1. Bootstrap 4 (alpha 6)
  2. Daemonite Material for Bootstrap 4 (alpha 6)
  3. Foundation 6

As you can see there are 2 both in alpha stage, use it with caution. We also offer you a new option to NOT include a CSS framework, you can DIY later on.


I never hide my dislike toward webpack and browsersify :p and I am using none of them. Rollup.js is at the heart of the build process. Go learn about it, and start loving it. UI DO NOT need to be complicated!


We are still using bower, yes. Why?

Important things should say 3 times:

Using npm to manage browser dependencies is a joke!

Using npm to manage browser dependencies is a joke!

Using npm to manage browser dependencies is a joke!

This is a tool for people whom are doing this line of work for living (paying rent anyone?) Not for those fools who ask questions like "X vs Y ...", "What is best ..."

Article: The reason why I think those cool kids can go fcuk themselves and stop smoking banana skins

npm born out of the nodejs world and, its for SERVER SIDE Javascript (Yes, nodejs is NOT FRONT END It doesn't run in browser!!!) and, some where down the line some fcuking idiots come in the scene and, start doing front end job - without understanding even how browser javascript works (there are different Javascript(s) in this world, do you know that?) and they start making this shit up about merging the front end and the backend - Netscape tried that over 2 decades ago, and they disappeared.

I am not saying that's impossible, but programming world is huge, as huge as a galaxy, and different disciplines required different thinking. The more you try to use ONE WAY to deal with everything, you only ended up with dealing with NOTHING.

Let's take a look at an example when you use bower how do you deal with the vendor library injection (during DEV) if anyone has use my other generator's before, you should have seen the following.

  1. I need a new library. Run bower install xyz --save
  2. My gulp script pick up the bower files has change, kicks in and scan the bower.json, re-run the gulp script.
  3. done! Just call your xyz in your other script that needs it.

How do you do that using npm? Let say you are using webpack.

  1. First install it npm install xyz --save
  2. In your js files that requires it. import xyz from 'xyz';
  3. Your bundling should rerun and re-create the entire bundle - with you library files.

OK they look similar, and easy enough, right?

How about distribution. Create a vendor separate files, oh how about your deploy environment is hip and edgy using HTTP2? With my other setup, it's simple as - do nothing and it will work, or use the bower.json file to grab the vendor and bundle it together and you get your vendor.js

You are fcuked if you are using npm and webpack - do that in the 90's style and read every package.json file and find out the path and write them manually in your index.html file. Or take a look at this question from stackoverflow. It makes me laugh.

I rest my case.

Test Framework

We are moving testing framework to Jest now. And since it's not really official supported by Jest. There might be some thing not working, we are discovering it's capability (In fact this generator is tested by Jest also) So learn along with us? Leave your comments, tips or any problems you encounter etc here in github. Appreciated.

Sub generators

There are three at the moment:

  1. mixin
  2. tag
  3. service
yo rtjs:mixin your-mixin-name


yo rtjs:tag your-tag-name

You can pass the c (or component) option

yo rtjs:tag your-tag-name --c=home

That will create your component inside your existing home tag folder. Type yo rtjs:tag --help for USAGE (same for mixin)

Service sub generator has some different setup. It will check if you have certain package install (from bower). And ask you if you want to import them into your service class. @TODO it will also check your existing services folder and generate list for you to extend your new service from.

For more detail, check out the wiki page here (again, it was for the last version. We will update it as soon as possible)


MIT © joelchu

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