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General IM UI Components. Android/iOS Ready. 通用 IM 聊天 UI 组件,已经同时支持 Android/iOS。 spread retract

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Aurora IMUI


Aurora IMUI is a general IM UI components, which is not depending on any specific IM SDK.

This library provides common UI components such as MessageList, InputView. It supports common message type, such as text, image, audio, video, etc. By default it has several UI style for choice, and also support style customization.

We already have Android/iOS platforms support. We also plan to support React Native.



With Aurora IMUI, you can implement these features easily:

  • Displaying message list:
    • supports different message types;
    • supports click & long click events for each type of message;
    • supports user avatar;
  • Message input:
    • supports multiple message types;
    • voice input component;
    • photo album selection component;
    • record video or take picture using camera;

Currently support for display and input message types:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Voice
  • Video


Ready components:


iOS (Swift)


Please contribute! Look at the issues.


MIT © JiGuang

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