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Nginx web page configuration tool

QQ Group1: 1106758598 QQ Group2: 560797506

Email: cym1102@qq.com

official website: http://www.nginxwebui.cn

Function description

This project can use WebUI to configure various functions of Nginx, including HTTP protocol forwarding, TCP protocol forwarding, reverse proxy, load balancing, SSL certificate automatic application, renewal, configuration, etc., and finally generate nginx.conf file and overwrite the default configuration file of Nginx to complete the final functional configuration of Nginx.

This project can manage multiple Nginx server clusters, switch to the corresponding server for Nginx configuration at any time with one key, or synchronize the configuration of one server to other servers with one key, so as to facilitate cluster management

Nginx itself has complex functions, so this project cannot cover all functions of Nginx, only common functions can be configured, and more advanced functional configurations still need to be manually written in the final generated Nginx.conf.

After deploying this project, nginx can be configured without searching on the Internet or manually applying for and configuring SSL certificates. Only adding, deleting, modifying and checking in this project can facilitate the configuration of Nginx.

Technical note

This project is a Web system based on springBoot. The database use SQLite, so there is no need to install any database on the server.

sqlite.db will be released into the system user folder when the project starts, so pay attention to backup.

This system applies for the certificate through Let's ENCRYPT and USES acme.sh script to automatically apply for and renew the certificate. Once the certificate is renewed, it will be renewed at 2 am every day, and only certificates exceeding 60 days will be renewed.

When adding TCP/IP forwarding configuration support, some lower versions of Nginx may need to be recompiled,You can install the stream module by adding the -with-stream parameter, but under Ubuntu 18.04, the nginx in the official software library already has the stream module, which does not need to be recompiled. If the TCP forwarding item is configured in this system, the configuration item of ngx_stream_module.so will be introduced automatically, and the configuration file of Ngnix will be optimized to the maximum.

jar installation instructions

Take the Ubuntu operating system, for example.

Note: This project needs to run the system command under the root user, which is very easy to be exploited by hackers. Please be sure to change the password to complex password

1.Install the Java runtime environment and Nginx


apt install openjdk-11-jdk
apt install nginx


yum install java-11-openjdk
yum install nginx

2.Download the latest release of the distribution jar

wget -O /home/nginxWebUI/nginxWebUI.jar http://file.nginxwebui.cn/nginxWebUI-2.6.5.jar

With a new version, you just need to change the version in the path

3.Start program

nohup java -jar -Xmx64m /home/nginxWebUI/nginxWebUI.jar --server.port=8080 --project.home=/home/nginxWebUI/ > /dev/null &

Parameter description (both non-required)

-Xmx64m Maximum number of memory allocated

--server.port Occupied port, default starts at port 8080

--project.home Project profile directory for database files, certificate files, logs, etc. Default is /home/nginxwebui/

--spring.database.type=mysql Use other databases, not filled with native SQLite, options include mysql and postgresql

--spring.datasource.url=jdbc:mysql://ip:port/nginxwebui Databases url

--spring.datasource.username=root Databases user

--spring.datasource.password=pass Databases password

--knife4j.production=false false:Open interface debugging page. true:Close interface debugging page.

Note that the command ends with an & to indicate that the project is running in the background

docker installation instructions

Note that an & sign is added at the end of the command, indicating that the docker image of this project has been produced by the background operation of the project, including nginx and nginxWebUI, for integrated management and operation of Nginx.

1.Install the Docker environment


apt install docker.io


yum install docker

2.Download images:

docker pull cym1102/nginxwebui:2.6.5

3.start container

docker run -itd -v /home/nginxWebUI:/home/nginxWebUI -e BOOT_OPTIONS="--server.port=8080" --privileged=true --net=host  cym1102/nginxwebui:2.6.5 /bin/bash


  1. When you start the container, use the --net=host parameter to map the native port directly, because internal Nginx may use any port, so you must map all the native ports.

  2. Container need to map path/home/nginxWebUI:/home/nginxWebUI, this path for a project all data files, including database, nginx configuration files, log, certificate, etc., and updates the mirror, this directory to ensure that project data is not lost. Please note that backup.

  3. -e BOOT_OPTIONS Parameter to populate the Java startup parameter, which can be used to modify the port number

--server.port Occupied port, do not fill the default port 8080 startup

  1. Logs are stored by default /home/nginxWebUI/log/nginxWebUI.log

moreover: The following configuration file is used when using docker-compose

version: "3.2"
    image: cym1102/nginxwebui:2.6.5
      - type: bind
        source: "/home/nginxWebUI"
        target: "/home/nginxWebUI"
      BOOT_OPTIONS: "--server.port=8080"
    privileged: true
    network_mode: "host"


  1. Compile the package with Maven
mvn clean package
  1. Compile the image with Docker
docker build -t nginxwebui:2.6.5 .

Add boot up run

  1. Edit service file
vim /etc/systemd/system/nginxwebui.service
ExecStart=/usr/bin/java -jar /home/nginxWebUI/nginxWebUI.jar

Then execute

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable nginxwebui.service
systemctl start nginxwebui.service


open http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080 Enter the main page


The login page, opened for the first time, asks to initialize the administrator account


After entering the system, you can add and modify the administrator account in the administrator management


In the HTTP parameters can be configured in the configuration of nginx HTTP project forward HTTP, the default will give several commonly used configuration, other configuration are free to add and delete. You can check the open log to track and generate log.


Nginx's Stream project parameters can be configured in the TCP parameter configuration, but in most cases they are not.


In the reverse proxy, the reverse proxy of Nginx, namely the Server item function, can be configured to enable SSL function, can directly upload PEM file and key file from the web page, or use the certificate applied in the system, can directly enable HTTP switch HTTPS function, or can open http2 protocol


In load balancing, the upstream function of Nginx can be configured. In reverse agent management, the configured load balancing agent target can be selected


In the HTML static file upload can be directly uploaded HTML compression package to the specified path, after uploading can be directly used in the reverse proxy, save the steps of uploading HTML files in Linux


In the certificate management, you can add the certificate, issue and renew it. After the periodic renewal is started, the system will automatically renew the certificate which will expire soon. Note: the certificate is issued using the DNS mode of Acme. sh, and it needs to be used together with aliKey and aliSecret of Aliyun


Backup file management. Here you can see the backup history version of Nginx.cnF. If an error occurs in Nginx, you can choose to roll back to a certain history version


Finally, the conF file can be generated, which can be further modified manually. After the modification is confirmed to be correct, the native conF file can be overwritten, and the effectiveness and restart can be carried out. You can choose to generate a single Nginx.conf file or separate each configuration file under conF.d by domain name


Remote server management. If you have multiple Nginx servers, you can deploy nginxWebUI, log in to one of them, add the IP and username and password of other servers to the remote management, and then you can manage all Nginx servers on one machine.

Provides one-click synchronization to synchronize data configuration and certificate files from one server to another

Interface development

This system provides the HTTP interface to invoke, as long as the boot parameters added --knife4j.production=false, then open the page http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080/doc.html to view the knife4j interface.

Interface invocation needs to add a token in the header. To obtain the token, you need to open the interface invocation permission of the user in the administrator management, and then invoke the token interface through the user name and password to get the token. Then set the global token in the document management of Knife4j.

Note: In the parameter description, all fields with * prefix are required.


Forgot Password

If you forget your login password, follow the following tutorial to retrieve it

  1. install sqlite3
apt install sqlite3
  1. read sqlite.db
sqlite3 /home/nginxWebUI/sqlite.db
  1. search admin table
select * from admin;
  1. exit sqlite3
木兰宽松许可证, 第1版 木兰宽松许可证, 第1版 2019年8月 http://license.coscl.org.cn/MulanPSL 您对“软件”的复制、使用、修改及分发受木兰宽松许可证,第1版(“本许可证”)的如下条款的约束: 0. 定义 “软件”是指由“贡献”构成的许可在“本许可证”下的程序和相关文档的集合。 “贡献者”是指将受版权法保护的作品许可在“本许可证”下的自然人或“法人实体”。 “法人实体”是指提交贡献的机构及其“关联实体”。 “关联实体”是指,对“本许可证”下的一方而言,控制、受控制或与其共同受控制的机构,此处的控制是指有受控方或共同受控方至少50%直接或间接的投票权、资金或其他有价证券。 “贡献”是指由任一“贡献者”许可在“本许可证”下的受版权法保护的作品。 1. 授予版权许可 每个“贡献者”根据“本许可证”授予您永久性的、全球性的、免费的、非独占的、不可撤销的版权许可,您可以复制、使用、修改、分发其“贡献”,不论修改与否。 2. 授予专利许可 每个“贡献者”根据“本许可证”授予您永久性的、全球性的、免费的、非独占的、不可撤销的(根据本条规定撤销除外)专利许可,供您制造、委托制造、使用、许诺销售、销售、进口其“贡献”或以其他方式转移其“贡献”。前述专利许可仅限于“贡献者”现在或将来拥有或控制的其“贡献”本身或其“贡献”与许可“贡献”时的“软件”结合而将必然会侵犯的专利权利要求,不包括仅因您或他人修改“贡献”或其他结合而将必然会侵犯到的专利权利要求。如您或您的“关联实体”直接或间接地(包括通过代理、专利被许可人或受让人),就“软件”或其中的“贡献”对任何人发起专利侵权诉讼(包括反诉或交叉诉讼)或其他专利维权行动,指控其侵犯专利权,则“本许可证”授予您对“软件”的专利许可自您提起诉讼或发起维权行动之日终止。 3. 无商标许可 “本许可证”不提供对“贡献者”的商品名称、商标、服务标志或产品名称的商标许可,但您为满足第4条规定的声明义务而必须使用除外。 4. 分发限制 您可以在任何媒介中将“软件”以源程序形式或可执行形式重新分发,不论修改与否,但您必须向接收者提供“本许可证”的副本,并保留“软件”中的版权、商标、专利及免责声明。 5. 免责声明与责任限制 “软件”及其中的“贡献”在提供时不带任何明示或默示的担保。在任何情况下,“贡献者”或版权所有者不对任何人因使用“软件”或其中的“贡献”而引发的任何直接或间接损失承担责任,不论因何种原因导致或者基于何种法律理论,即使其曾被建议有此种损失的可能性。 条款结束。 如何将木兰宽松许可证,第1版,应用到您的软件 如果您希望将木兰宽松许可证,第1版,应用到您的新软件,为了方便接收者查阅,建议您完成如下三步: 1, 请您补充如下声明中的空白,包括软件名、软件的首次发表年份以及您作为版权人的名字; 2, 请您在软件包的一级目录下创建以“LICENSE”为名的文件,将整个许可证文本放入该文件中; 3, 请将如下声明文本放入每个源文件的头部注释中。 Copyright (c) [2019] [name of copyright holder] [Software Name] is licensed under the Mulan PSL v1. 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